Starving child

The WWE 2K14 version of "Starving Child" Steve Austin, making his entrance.

"Starving Child" Steve Austin, is a wrestler that regularly makes in game appearances on nL streams. Johnny considers Starving Child as one of the greatest creations in nL history.


Starving Child has appeared in many nL streams, over many games, with perhaps one of his most famous runs coming in the WWE All Stars video game streams.

In late 2013, Starving Child began a blood feud against John Cena and his evil twin brother, "Well Fed" Stan Austin. Many considered this feud a "thing that happened" in 2013.

In early 2014 TonyPizzaGuy mentioned Starving Child Steve Austin as now wearing an Undertaker 22-0 shirt as the stockpiles of the worthless and incorrect merchandise had all been sent to Africa as a charitable donation.

At NL's Battleground PPV, held in Ofrica, Starving Child Steve Austin would be present in the crowd, allegedly helping make the T-Shirt Hulk Hogan ripped off his chest during his entrance, and eating Bret Hart's sunglasses.


  • Starving Child's 'first' offical appearance was during the Royal Rumble marathon, as a spectator in the crowd in the WWF SNES game.