Brawl 4 All: The Gauntlet is an nL special show taking place on January 8th, 2018, when nL chose to do a gauntlet based deal over an actual tournament. The Gauntlet was the first of this new take on the Brawl 4 All series. The event saw Rod Johnson run a traditional gauntlet, while 16 other fighters ran Grand Gauntlets, two seperate 8 man MMA matches, as well as three seperate Brawl 4 All Championship defenses.


On January 8th, 2018, while doing saltybets in Fire Pro Wrestling World, nL decided to do Brawl 4 All. But rather than do the tournament, they decided to run Rod Johnson through a gauntlet instead. This is the result of that idea.


# Winner Loser Notes
1 Rod Johnson Sick Boy
2 Rod Johnson Cactus Jack Round 3, 2:34
3 Rod Johnson Dario Cueto Round 2, 2:22
4 Rod Johnson Rikishi (c) Round 2 3:37 to become the new Brawl 4 All Champion
5 Eddie Bravo Tamina, Perro Aguayo Jr., The Total Package, Willem Ruska, Michael Cole, Rikishi and Kanyon Order of elimination coming soon
6 Eddie Bravo Rod Johnson Round 2 2:26 to become the new Brawl 4 All Champion
7 Mitsuharu Misawa A bunch of fools
8 Mitsuharu Misawa Eddie Bravo Round 2 1:49 to become the new Brawl 4 All Champion
9 Zack Ryder Three other guys JEEZUS