Daddy Wiggles making his entrance.

Daddy Wiggles debuted in a spot match very early in the career of 2k14, much to the delight of fans. His finisher is the Booty Popping Moonsault.


After debuting, Daddy Wiggles was placed in a match with five other versions of himself. It is unknown if these were look-a-likes, or Daddy Wiggle's extended family.


During a 6 way chamber match, Daddy Wiggles was the target of Daniel Bryan's agression, as the new SHEILD member strangled Daddy Wiggles in the corner of the cage for fifteen minutes. Despite the other wrestlers attempting to save him, Daddy Wiggles was declared dead at the end of the match, much to the sadness of his many fans.

Return and Bullet ClubEdit

Rumors of his death were greatly exagerated, as Daddy Wiggles made his come back when the nL streams returned, fighting two Japanese wrestlers. This apparently, lead to him becoming part of the Bullet Club, wearing the shirt and coming out to their entrance music. He made his second comeback when Dusty Rhodes, Bobby Heenan and Marty Janetty started a TLC match. Daddy Wiggles spent most of this match either doing spineroonis, wiggling his hips, watching the other three attempting spots, and even flirted with Bobby Heenan.


As a surprise, and to settle the growing hatred between TonyPizzaPastaPazuriGuy and Jericho222, Daddy Wiggles acted as the referee in a 60 minute Iron Man Match. During his entrance, the match was delayed, due to someone, possibly Duel, fucking with the cables that broadcast the show. During the match, he somehow warped himself at Triple H, and later, when H removed the turnbuckle pad, he himself became the pad.

Paul Heyman?Edit

It is unknown why Daddy Wiggles resembles Paul Heyman, neither has commented on this and refused to take DNA test.


  • When entering the arena, he is usually called "The Goddamn Big Daddy".
  • He copies AJ's skip, and stole Austin's ATV and Undertaker's hat.
  • Little known fact, he has a very lazy eye.
  • Despite the claims, Daddy Wiggle's ass is glorius.
  • Daddy Wiggles was meant to be booked at Wrestlemania XXX, but Sin Cara forgot about him.
  • Johnny claims he is a better father than Marty Janetty.
    • He may or may not be Marty's daughter.
  • He seems to have some sexual tension with Bobby Heenan.
  • According to Dino, Daddy Wiggles is going to be inducted into the nL hall of fame.
  • Dino Winwood thinks he's the funniest fucking thing since a Panda called Sting.
  • Dino considers him the "best CAW ever." 
  • Johnny is sick of Daddy Wiggles.