Debra Unappreciates Mexicans Belt Championship
Mexican Championship
The Debra Unappreciates Mexicans Belt

Current champion(s)

Justin Gabriel

Date won

April 15, 2014


nL's WWE

Date established

July 19, 2014

Most reigns

Randy Orton and Justin Gabriel (1 reign each)

First champion(s)

Randy Orton

Longest reign

Justin Gabriel

Shortest reign

Randy Orton

The Debra Unappreciates Mexicans Belt, or D.U.M.B Championship, is a championship in the WWE formed from the unification of the Mexican Championship and Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship along with the rights to beat Debra. The first champion was Randy Orton, who unified the titles in a 6 man ladder match.


At the Battleground PPV, Stone Cold made one of his first major actions as owner of the company by combining the Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship and the Mexican Championship to create the D.U.M.B. The belt was won by Randy Orton in a 6-man ladder match. Orton was reported as not being in this match originally, but Austin added him into it as an attempt to bring gold back to the Snaketion of Domination. Orton opted to keep the design of the Mexican Championship, because Mexico has good snakes.

List of championsEdit

# Wreslter Reign Length Held (Days) Date Event Notes
1 Randy Orton 1 27 July 19, 2014 Battleground Inagural Champion
2 Justin Gabriel 1 194+ August 15, 2014 Summerslam This was a fatal 4 way also featuring Big Show and Virgil