Diva’s Hall of Fame Championship
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The Diva’s Hall of Fame Championship Ring

Current champion(s)


Date won

July 19, 2014


nL's WWE

Date established

June 16, 2013

Other name(s)

  • Diva’s Championship

Most reigns

AJ Brooks (2 reigns)

First champion(s)

AJ Lee

Longest reign

AJ Lee (143 Days)

Shortest reign

Aj Brooks (62 days)

The Divas Hall of Fame Championship was a professional wrestling championship in WWE. It is competed for by the Divas.


AJ Lee began her legendary title reign at the 2013 Payback PPV. Historians believe that the results of that PPV, and whever the champion was before it, were lost many decades ago. Many months later, AJ would defend her championship against three other divas at Wrestlemania XXX, the three being Layla, Natalya, and Aksana. AJ would end up being eliminated second, leading to a fight between the two former members of team I Fart You, Natalya and Aksana. In the end, Aksana would win the title. AJ would soon take a leave of absence, nobody knows why.

Aksana would make her first defence of the championship at Extreme Rules, defending against Natalya and Stephanie McMahon. After a long and dangerous match, Aksana retained her title after Natalya sacrificed herself by fucking Stephanie, allowing Aksana to escape the cage. This led to the reformation of team I Fart You. However this would not last long as at the following PPV, Payback, friction formed between the two, which led to Natalya defeating Aksana, Kaitlynn and Lita in a winner takes all match for the Diva's title, Natalya's farts, Kaitlynn's career, and Lita's hall of fame spot. This led to the unification of the Hall of Fame and the Diva's title, with the creation of the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship ring.

At Money in the Bank, AJ would make her return, under her new name of AJ Brooks, and would go on to defeat Natalya, Kaitlynn (who was rehired by Sin Cara for confidential reasons) and Brie Bella to become the new Diva's Hall of Fame Champion. AJ's husband, CM Punk, would go on to win the Intercontinental Championship immediately after. Nobody knew if they'd actually come back. AJ would end up returning, and was set to defend the title in a fatal 4 way tables match at Battleground. However, almost immediately after the match started, AJ just up and left, leaving everyone confused and forcing the title to be vacated. The title was the put up for grabs in another four way tables match. Kaitlynn, who had been rehired once again, defeated Summer Rae (who was in the original match), Nike Bella, and Stephanie McMahon to become the new Diva's Hall of Fame Champion.


# Wrestler Reign Length Held (Days) Date Event Notes
1 AJ Lee 1 143 June 16, 2013 Payback
2 Aksana 1 75 November 30, 2013 Wrestlemania XXX This was a fatal 4 way elimination match
3 Natalya 1 94 February 13, 2014 Payback Fused Lita's Hall of Fame Ring and the Title
4 AJ Brooks 2 62 May 18, 2014 Money in the Bank Was vacated due to disconnections
- Vacant - - July 19, 2014 - -
5 Kaitlynn 1 27+ July 19, 2014 Battleground Won in a Tables Fatal Four Way
- Deactivated - - August 15, 2014 Summerslam Kaitlynn retired with the title
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