The FUC Championship
The FUC Championship

Current champion(s)


Date won

September 13th


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Date established

September 13th

Other name(s)

  • Freebird Ultimate Championship Championship

Most reigns

Johnny (3 reigns)

First champion(s)


Longest reign

Johnny (8 successful defenses)

Shortest reign

Jericho (no successful defenses)

The FUC Championship (The Freebird Ultimate Championship... Championship) is a title created by nL in EA UFC for the PS4. The title is only able to be contested between official nL members.

History of CreationEdit

The FUC Championship was born on following Johnny squashing Dino Winwood in seconds. Dino jokingly announced that Johnny would face Jericho for the "FUC Dino Championship", and, as per usual with nL, the joke was turned into reality by creating the FUC Championship. The previous fight between Johnny and Dino would be recognised as the inaugural FUC Championship match, despite the title being created afterwards.

List of FUC ChampionsEdit

No. Champion Reign No. of successful defences Championship Defences Note on title win
1 Johnny 1 8

1. Def. Jericho (KO)

2. Def. Duel (KO)

3. Def. Jericho (KO)

4. Def. Dino (Sub)

5. Def. Duel (Psychic KO)

6. Def. Jericho (Infamous no Submissions DQ ending)

7. Def. Jericho (Psychic KO)

8. Def. Duel (TKO)

Defeated Dino in 20 seconds to become the inaugural champion
2 Dino 1 1 1. Def. Jericho (KO) Dino scored a massive upset on Johnny to become champion
3 Johnny 2 5

1. Def. Jericho (TKO, somehow)

2. Def. Jericho (KO)

3. Def. Dino (TKO)

4. Def. Jericho (TKO)

5. Def. Jericho (TKO)

Squashed Dino via superkick partay to regain the title
4 Jericho 1 0 Finally beat Johnny by submission with all the marbles on the line
5 Johnny 3


1. Def. Jericho (KO)

2. Def. Jericho (TKO)

3. Def. Jericho (TKO)

Defeated Jericho yet again to regain the title

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