InterJohntinental Championship
The InterJohntinental Championship

Current champion(s)

John Scott Hall

Date won

August 15, 2014


nL's WWE

Date established

Somewhere between 1970 and 2014

Other name(s)

Intercontinental Championship

Most reigns

John Scott Hall (2)

First champion(s)

Ricky Steamboat

Longest reign

John Scott Hall (194+ days sober)

Shortest reign

Eddie Guerrero or Yokozuna (depends on who died faster)

The InterJohntinetal Championship is a professional wrestling championship in the WWE.


At some point before Wrestlemania XXX, Ricky Steamboat came out of retirement. Steamboat turned heel by ending his son's career, winning the Intercontinental Championship in the process somehow, and then denounced the nickname "The Dragon", changing it to "The Charizard" after his new found aggresion and evilness. The Miz would soon alter the name to "The Shitty Charizard" in his typical shitty fashion.

At Wrestlemania XXX, Steamboat would defend the title in a Hell in a Cell match against Ric Flair, JBL, and Eddie Guerrero, who after 8 years of being dead came back to life following the death of his former wife, Vickie Guerrero. After an intense 8 minute match, Eddie would surprisingly win the title in a feel good moment for everyone. However, things would turn sour for the championship as Eddie died before the next PPV, causing the title to be vacated. At Extreme Rules the title would be put on the line in a four man battle royale. Yokozuna would win the match, outlasting Rey Mysterio (who entered the match in Eddie's honor), Dean Ambrose, and Shawn Michaels to win the title, immediately revealing that he was a member of the Carabinet post match.

Yokozuna would soon grow tired of the group and defected. Sin Cara, who was already pissed off at losing to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at Extreme Rules, would fake Yokozuna's death just to get the title off him, before making Payback a memorial show for the former champion. Sin Cara still booked Yokozuna for the PPV. On Payback Day 1: Hiroshima, Scott Hall won the championship in an Elimination Chamber match, defeating John Cena, The Giant, Sgt. Slaughter, Dolph Ziggler and Goldberg to win the title. After holding the title for 94 days, Hall was stripped of the title after failing to show up for Money in the Bank. Everyone just assumed that he died, though he could have just been drunk. CM Punk returned to the company at Money in the Bank and won the vacant title in a steel cage match against former WWE owner Vince McMahon, Batista, and Seth Rollynns. Come Battleground Punk would take his ball and go home, causing the title to be vacated once more. In an attempt to rid the title of it's curse, Steve Austin would rename the belt to the InterJohntinental Championship, adding the gimmick of the title holder having to add "John" to their name, even if they already have it in their name. At Battleground Big John Studd would win the title, changing his name to John Big John Studd.

List of ChampionsEdit

# Wrestler Times Length (days) Event Notes
1 Ricky Steamboat 1 ??? ??? Won the belt some time before Wrestlemania XXX
2 Eddie Guerrero 1 ??? Wrestlemania XXX This was a Hell in a Cell match
- Vacant - - - Vacated due to Eddie dying again
3 Yokozuna 1 ??? Extreme Rules This was a four man battle royal
- Vacant - - - Vacated due to Yokozuna's alleged death
4 Scott Hall 1 94 Payback This was an Elimination Chamber match
- Vacant - - - Vacated due to Scott Hall's death
5 CM Punk 1 62 Money in the Bank
- Vacant - - - Vacated due to CM Punk's walk out
6 John Big John Studd 1 27 Battleground This was a Fatal Four Way Match. Title renamed InterJohntinental Championship.
7 John Scott Hall 2 194+ SummerSlam This was decided by a survey in a Three on One Handicap Dance off
8 John Fandango 1 1+ Night of Champions This was a Fatal 4 Way match to unify the InterJohntinental Championship and the Debra Unappreciates Mexicans Belt Championship.