The Jericho Cup is a monthly (possibly) 8 team elimination tournament created by Jericho. The winning team of the Jericho Cup receives a shot at the BigJerichool Galacdick Openweight Championship in a triple threat match.

Jericho Cup IEdit

The first Jericho Cup took place on July 2nd, 2014.

No. Result Stipulation Notes
Round 1
1 The Rock & Jake Roberts def. Big Show & Justin Gabriel Tag Team match
  • The Rock pinned Big Show with a spinebuster.
  • This match featured the debut of Jerimark.
2 Mizaro (The Miz & Cesaro) def. Drew McIntyre & Titus O'Neil Tag Team match
  • McIntyre and O'Neil originally won the match, but the decision was reversed when Jericho's Xbox froze, causing him to sim the match which resulted in Mizaro winning.
3 Sheamus & Virgil def. Brock Lesnar & Sin Cara Tag Team match
  • Virgil pinned Lesnar with a Russian legsweep.
4 The Main Kneevent Playas (Brodus Clay & Rey Mysterio) def. Kofi Kingston & Syxx Tag Team match
  • Mysterio pinned Kingston with a kick to the face.
5 Mizaro def. The Rock & Jake Roberts Tag Team match
  • The Miz pinned The Rock... yeah, that happened.
6 Sheamus & Virgil def. The Main Kneevent Playas Tag Team match
  • Sheamus pinned Mysterio with a kick to the side.
  • Virgil spent a good 6 seconds running around in circles, proving that, even in a different continuity, Virgil is shoot retarded.
7 Sheamus & Virgil def. Mizaro Tag Team match for the Jericho Cup
  • Virgil pinned The Miz with a Russian legsweep to win the Jericho Cup.
Championship Match
8 Sheamus def. John Cena (c) and Virgil Triple Threat match for the BigJerichool Galacdick Openweight Championship
  • Sheamus forced John Cena to submit to a chinlock to become champion.