Ministry of Watah
The Ministry of Watah is a stable created by Newlegacy during their Wrestlemania XXX consisting of The Undertaker and the tag team Glass of Watah, Wade Barrett & his servant John Cena, which joined him during Wrestlemania XXX while fighting him during his Streak Match. The group at one point had R-Truth in it, but he turned on Undertaker because he was "an asshole", but was eventually turned on by Cena & Barrett.


The only past relations of any members past or present was the fact that Barrett and his Nexus buried Undertaker once for no reason.

WWE (2013-Present)Edit

At Wrestlemania XXX Undertaker was placed in his annual streak match, but by Sin cara's booking he was placed in a fatal four way steel cage match against fellow Ministry member R-Truth, John Cena, and Wade Barrett. During the match R-Truth would turn on Undertaker to hopefully break the streak, but was stopped when John Cena & Wade Barrett joined Undertaker and allowed him to escape while they beat down R-Truth. They are "scheduled" to face R-Truth in a three on one handicap match at Extreme Rules.

John Cena at some point would earn the right to compete for the Mexican Championship and along the line became knighted by Wade Barrett dubbing him the 'White Knight'

In WrestlingEdit

  • The Undertaker
    • Chokeslam
    • Tombstone Piledriver
    • Hell's Gate
    • The Guillotine Leg Drop (THE GREATEST MOVE EVER!)
  • 'White Knight' John Cena
    • Attitude Adjustment/FU
    • STF/STFU
  • Wade Barrett
    • Bull Hammer Elbow
    • Wadesslam