Money in the Bank was a virtual PPV produced by newLEGACYinc on May 18, 2014, within The Virtual Silverdome in Virtual Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The event was highly anticipated, so much so that multiple posters were prooduced to advertise the event as opposed to the usual one poster that other PPVs get. This event took place right after the Payback Day 3 event. Stone Cold sang a rendition of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA" to kick us off. Mike Tyson was the special guest host. It was sponsored by everything American, including Chork and vegemite.

Match CardEdit

No Result Stipulation Notes
Pre-Show HartBun (Butt "Shitman" Fart and King Kong Bundy) def. Jack Swagger (c) & Pap E. Shango 


  • Sin Cara was so mad that the world title was renamed the BIG AMERICA that he relegated Swagger to the PRE-SHOW; whoever pins him gets the title.
  • Bret Hart leaves HartBurn and forms a new tag team against the young ryan and the world champ.
  • Hart hopes to win in honor of father Poo Hart and brother Owet Fart.
  • Butt Fart well known for his shartshooter Submission.
  • The ring is not lopsided, however it is a mudslide with peppermint turnbuckles. Duel likes them swirls, ooh yah.
  • Scoop slams everywhere from Bundy. Big E lands one on him, shocking the world.
  • Swagger accidentally hits Pap E with the chair in frustration.
  • Bret Hart gets the pin, renaming it the BIG SHITTY CANADA.
  • Sin Cara is not pleased, as there is now a Candian holding the title.
  • Bundy did 22 Scoop Slams in this match
1 Syxx-Pac (c) def. "The Sid I'm Tellin Ya" Kevin Nash, Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes Extreme Rules Fatal Four Way for One-Half of the WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Cody Rhodes has returned. He looked like Reigns at Payback because his whole body was broken, hence his surgery. 
  • Kevin Nash has left the New York Giants for the OutSiders (a Sid fan club with 22! other members). His new catchphrase - "I'm the Sid, I'm tellin' ya!".
  • All participants are trying to pay off surgery: Nash (quad), Rey (knee), Rhodes (body), and Pac (aassshooollee).
  • Nash and Syxx have a history with one another - fucking each other's mouths.
  • Nash is gonna deal with these vanilla midgets. He's got the lucha side in him.
  • Sin Cara wants Rey to win for Mexico.
  • Lots of flips left Nash feeling left out. Rey flew for a moonsault off the ladder on to Cody outside of the ring. 
  • Vintage Cody Rhodes bulldog. 
  • Syxx defied gravity by laying Nash on thin air.
2 It Doesn't Matter What Their Name Is (Big Show & The Rock) def Death Metal Madness (Macho Man Randy Savage & 'Scoot Magoot' Bikertaker) w/ Special Referee The Undertaker Hell in  a Cell Tornado Tag Team Match w/Special Referee for the WWE Tag Titles Money in the Bank
  • Bikertaker got tired of Michelle's shit, he turned her into a bike.
  • Bikertaker joins Macho in Metal Madness with Seth Rollynns. He's got a nice scooter.
  • "Big Show, Rock him out!"
  • After many name suggestions, it doesn't fuckin' matter what their tag name is.
  • Blake distracts Johnny from reffing, he's gonna kick him out of the call!
  • Stereo Russian leg sweeps from Rock and Taker, to Johnny's amusment.
  • Simultaneous People's Elbow and KO Punch win it for Rock and Show.
3 Edge def. Stone Cold Steve Austin (c), Eddie Guerrero,'HB Pray the Gay Away Jew, The Fart Breakwind' Shawn Michaels  TLC Fatal Four Way for the Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship
  • Eddie has returned from the Dead... Again!
  • Shawn Michaels has returned a Born Again Jew, after leaving Vince
  • Edge had diefied Gravity by doing a mid air teleporting crossbody
  • Eddie Gurrero Ripped his whole ass.
  • This had so many spots and finishers in rapid succession, you could call it an INDY Match
  • Edge is shoot retarded, much like Virgil
4 AJ Brooks def. Natalya (c), Kaitlynn, Brie Bella

Four Way Battle Royale for the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship And Natalya's Painting.

  • Hital is fucking Natalya. (Poor guy.)
  • Jericho realizes that almost all the champions are Canadians.
  • Kaitlynn has returned with her career on the line, she also sucks a mean Sin Cara dick
  • The commentary crew quoted Brie Bella's most famous sayings, Including "You BITCH!", "*screaming*", "COME ON NIKKAYYYY!!!", and "BRIE MOOOOOOOODE!!!". Dino expresses his hatred torwards Brie by calling her a "stupid fuckin bitch".
  • AJ has returned with CM Punk's theme
  • Kaitlynn has been refired
5 CM Punk def. Batista, Seth Rollins, Mr. McMahon Steel Cage Fatal Four Way for the vacant Intercontinental Championship
  • Batista has returned from the dead... DEAL WITH IT!
  • Seth hoping to bring a title to Death Metal Madness
  • CM Punk has returned with a Punky look...uggh, this joke sucks Dino
  • Mr. McMahon has returned to in ring action to hopefully earn the $350 Million dollars he's lost to Sin Cara
6 Scott Steiner (c) w/ Debra Young def Drew McIntyre w/ Titus O'Niel Singles Match w/Managers for the Mexican Championship
  • Titus has joined The Crew aka The 3 Live Kru
  • Titus and Young began having a gay pose off on the entrance ramp
  • Steiner got the pinfall while Titus forced Debra to give him head
  • Titus is the worst fucking manager ever
7 Stone Cold Steve Austin def 'Blue Dot' Christian, Dusty Rhodes, Jake Roberts, Undertaker, Pap E Langston Super Money in the Bank Match
  • The winner of the Super Money in the Bank can cash in on anyone for any reason.
  • Christian is still ratty
  • Jake Roberts is in the Snaketion of Domination
  • The "Young Lion" Pap E Shango makes his 3rd appearance in the PPV, causing the commentary crew to go bizerk over how fast and hard Shango was pushed.
  • Stone Cold is going Try Hard Duel during this match
  • Dusty helped Stone Cold the briefcase
  • Stone Cold now has the rights to beat Debra, a right he lost a couple PPV's ago.
Cash-In Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Sin Cara w/ Special Enforcer Santino Marella & Special Referee Hulk Hogan went to a No Contest Singles Match w/Special Referee & Enforcer for Control of the Company
  • Austin cashed in Super Money in the Bank for a match for the control of WWE
  • Austin changed into his Snaketion attire, because he didn't think he would win the previous match. (Austin wore his street clothes during the ladder match.)
  • Santino has betrayed the Snaketion and has joined the Carabinet
  • Hogan is a Python and an American
  • Santino has turned on Sin Cara he's still in the Snaketion

Dolphins1925's Prediction.Edit

Team Hart & Bundy beats Big E. Langston & Jack Swagger! (CORRECT)

Syxx Beats "The Sid" Kevin Nash, Cody Rhodes, & Rey Mysterio. (CORRECT)

Randy Savage & Undertaker beats Big Show & The Rock (MY SORUCES WERE LIED TO, FUCK YOU JERICHO.)


Natalya beats Brie, Kaitln, & AJ (GOD DAMMIT, MY SORUCES LIED TO ME AGAIN. I SWEAR I WILL TAKE MY BALLS Phil Brooks beats Mr. McMahon, Seth Rollins, & Batista (THAT SON OF A BITCH, I'M GOING TO PISS IN HIS MOUTH.)

Scott Steiner beats Drew McIntyre (CORRECT BITCH)

Dusty Wins the Briefcase (Brief-Cade) (MOTHER FUCKER)

Refunds Refunds Refunds

Reception Edit

The PPV garnered critical acclaim from fans and critics, despite the PPV having a rocky start (Singles titles were defended in tag matches and Tag Titles were defended in singles matches).

However, this has been the fourth consecutive PPV to not feature highly praised WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, who hasn't even made his debut yet.Dave Meltzer in his latest observer said that the nL is preparing something HUGE for Bryan and he will debut sooner or later.

Also he added that a person close to Bryan said that Bryan was in a terrible mood at the backstage of the PPV and he heard Bryan say that when he debuts "someone will get his fucking head kicked in".This comment made the Boss of the nLWWE Mr. Sin Cara angry and he fined Bryan 22 million and 22 dollars.

In response of the absence of Bryan from the nLWWE, the IWC members said that they are never watching nLWWE ever again! However, most of them tuned in for the PPV anyways. AND THEMS THE FUCKING FACTS