The newLegacyinc 30 Years of WrestleMania is a current selection of matches taking place during streams that chronicle the main events of every WrestleMania leading up to WrestleMania XXX, the show where the current continuity begins. Matches must ONLY use superstars who were around that time period (give or take a few years)

Currently, only 4 matches have been revealed and completed. Historical Objectives are determined after the match has been cleared.



Main Event Stipulation Historical Objective
WrestleMania Hulk Hogan def. Randy Savage & Dusty Rhodes TLC Match
  • With Rhodes, perform the outside suplex OMG Moment to Savage and break your arm.
WrestleMania 2 André the Giant def. King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd, & Razor Ramon TLC Match
  • With Vince McMahon, somehow stay in business after putting on the worst main event ever.
WrestleMania III Bruno Sammartino def. Randy Savage, Rick Rude, & Hulk Hogan Extreme Rules Match
  • With Sammartino, slam Savage through Hogan on a table and win within 20 seconds.
WrestleMania IV Virgil def. Rick Rude, Ted DiBiase, & Shawn Michaels[citation needed] Flaming Tables Match For The WWF Championship
  • With Virgil, win the match by putting Rude through the table before 7:00pm EST.