nL King of the Ring (aka The Special K) was a one off tournament that, while not actually done in the universe mode, is in canon with the universe mode lore. The event was hosted by Dario Culo, with the tournament happening inside his van (which had room for a full audience, the wrestlers, a ring, and pyro). The winner of the tournament would earn an unique opportunity at SummerSlam, and due to Mark Henry (H.O.P.) being rando'd in, the title of The Ascension was also on the line.

Results: Edit

Opening Round:Edit

# Result Stipulation Notes
Opening Round
1 Santino Marella def. A Man Called Sting Singles match
  • Santino pinned Sting with The Cobra.
  • Santino kicked out of the tombstone, shades of himself in the Tournament of My Ass.
2 Triple H def. Randy Orton Submission match
  • Special guest Rob Van Dam stopped by before the match to talk to Dario Culo about arm strength.
  • Triple H forced Orton to submit to The Stretchy Man after nearly 20 minutes of pure pain.
  • Dario Culo fell asleep at the wheel.
3 Fandango def. Mark Henry The Ascension Last Man Ascending match for the title of The Ascension
  • Fandango ascended over Mark Henry by dancing all over Henry.
  • Fandango is a dancing machine... literally, he's a cyborg like Summer Rae.
  • Summer left after Fandango's entrance to spend time with Dario Culo.
4 Chris Jericho def. Rick Rude Last Man Standing match
  • Jericho defeated Rude with a series of powerbombs.
  • The biggest moment of the match: Referee Paul Rizer counting to 10.
5 Santino Marella def. Triple H Singles match
  • Santino pinned Triple H with the Standing Kokeshi.
  • Dario Culo spent a good portion of the match blindly walking back and forth.
6 Fandango The Ascension def. Chris Jericho Singles match for the Title of The Ascension
  • Fandango pinned Jericho with Summer AbiRael.
7 Santino Marella def. Fandango The Ascension No Holds Barred for the title of The Ascension and to crown the King of the Ring
  • Santino pinned Fandango with The Cobra.
  • Fandango sprung an oil leak, which then caused him to malfunction.
  • Santino's unique opportunity will be a shot at the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.