Pay Per Views are major events in the nL Universe Mode. On these shows all minor matches being shown on normal, and all main event title matches being shown on slow, to give things more of an epic feel. When rivalries are enabled, they come to a head on these shows as well.

Payback Edit

Payback hogan

Payback was the first nL Universe Pay Per View, which aired on Saturday, April 11th. The two major feuds (from RAW & SmackDown) for this show include WWE Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan defending his title against Hulk Hogan, and World Heavyweight Champion Corey Graves defending his title against Brock Lesnar.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 Sting def. Ryback (c) Singles match for the United States Championship
  • Sting forced Ryback to submit to the Scorpion Death Lock.
  • This was the first title change in nL Universe history, as well as Sting's highly hyped debut.
2 Brie Bella def. Naomi (c) Divas match for the WWE Women's Championship
  • Brie pinned Naomi with the SWING MOOOO000OOO0ODE (nL Special) followed by a Bella Buster.
  • Brie ate a lemon or something because her face was fucked up.
3 Cameron (c) def. AJ Lee Divas match for the WWE Divas Championship
  • Cameron pinned AJ with the actual Girl Bye.
4 The Samo-Offs (Dolph Ziggler & Roman Reigns) (c) def. Golden Axe (Curtis Axel & Goldust) Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Ziggler pinned Goldust with the little DDT.
5 Brock Lesnar def. Corey Graves (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Brock murdered Graves with a neck breaking suplex followed by a triangle choke for the win
  • Suplex count: 7-3
  • Brock was fined $50 and suspended for concussing and killing Corey Graves.
6 Ultimate Warrior def. Randy Orton & CM Punk Triple Threat Match for the Smoking Skull Championship
  • Warrior pinned Punk with the Gorilla Press
  • Punk nearly won with the GTS (Go to Sleep) and the GTS (Go to Swing) (nL Special), but failed to capitalize both times due to being dumb as fuck.
Main Event Hollywood Hulk (c) Hogan def. Hulk Hogan Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • Hollywood pinned Hulk with the Hollywood Swing
  • Hulkamania is dead

King of the RingEdit

King of the Ring was an nL Universe special event, which aired live on Hitbox on April 27th, 2015 (canonically occurring the Monday morning after Payback), broadcasted from the back of Dario Culo's van. The show featured the titular King of the Ring tournament, also known as the Special K tournament, contested between four competitors each from the Raw and Smackdown brands. The winner would receive "a unique opportunity" at Summerslam, revealed to be a WWE Championship match. The winner also received the exclusive right to use the nL special. Finally, all match stipulations are arbitrarily selected by Dario Culo.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 Santino Marella def. Surfer Sting Quarterfinal match
  • Santino pinned Sting with the Cobra.
  • Santino picked up his third consecutive win.
2 Triple H def. Randy Orton Quarterfinal submission match
  • Triple H forced Orton to submit to the stretchy man.
  • Dario Culo fell asleep at the wheel of the van, allowing Orton to hit the banned RKO three times.
3 Fandango def. Mark Henry the Ascension Quarterfinal Last Man Standing match for The Title of The Ascension
  • Fandango kept Mark Henry down with a DDT followed by a dance move.
  • The title of The Ascension was on the line for this match.
  • It was discovered that Fandango, like Summer Rae, is a cyborg dancing machine.
  • Fandango sacrificed a giant Fandango to his master before the match.
  • Fandango became the first robot to ascend.
4 Chris Jericho Retro def. "Hot Hot" Rick Rude Quarterfinal Last Man Standing match
  • Jericho kept Rick Rude down with multiple powerbombs.
  • This is a Last Man Shilling match.
  • Rick Rude's tights spoiled Dario Culo's surprise: Heat is coming back!
  • Dario Culo finally woke up after a Unique Encounter with Summer Rae.
  • Jericho proved he can be hard-hitting and soft-spoken.
5 Santino Marella def. Triple H Semifinal match
  • Santino pinned Triple H with a diving headbutt.
  • Dario Culo was spotted wandering around in the audience.
  • Dario turned out to actually be an old, blind white man.
6 Fandango the Ascension def. Chris Jericho Retro Semifinal match for the title of The Ascension
  • Fandango pinned Jericho with the Summer AbiRael.
  • Dario is still wandering around, looking for a purpose in life.
  • Fandango turned the Shilling Machine into a Dancing Machine!
Main Event Santino Marella def. Fandango the Ascension No Holds Barred match for the titles of King of the Ring and The Ascension
  • Santino pinned Fandango with the Cobra.
  • Fandango's one weakness is Singapore canes.
  • Fandango had an oil leak and began malfunctioning, forgetting how to climb a ladder and the apron, and almost walking out on the match.
  • Santino Marella the Ascension is your King of the Ring!

Money in the BankEdit

Money in the Bank was an nL Universe PPV, which aired live on Hitbox on July 19th, 2015. The show featured the titular Money in the Bank match, a highly anticipated title bout between WWE/Brahma Bull Champion Hollywood Hogan and Batista, and the final match of the acclaimed World Heavyweight Championship series between champion Brock Lesnar and former champion Corey Graves.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 JBL def. Fandango Submission match
  • JBL forced Fandango to submit to the stretchy man.
  • Fandango stole JBL's limo on Smackdown, forcing JBL to walk to the ring.
2 CM Punk 11-12 def. King Santino Marella The Ascension (c) Falls Count Anywhere match for the NXT Championship and The Title of The Ascension
  • Punk forced Santino to submit to the Anaconda Vice on the ramp.
3 Corey Graves def. Brock Lesnar (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Graves forced Brock to submit to the Lucky 13.
  • This is the last match between the two, regardless of who wins.
4 Hells Gators def. The Filthy Animals Tag Team Match
  • This was a dark match in the middle of the show. Nobody cares about how they won.
5 Mark Henry (c) def. Cesaro Tables match for the Intercontinental Championship
  • Henry beat Cesaro with a Chocolate Drop through a table.
6 Hollywood Hulk Hogan (c) def. Batista Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • Hogan reversed a school boy to retain.
  • Hogan vs Santino confirmed for Summerslam.
  • This was Hogan's last scheduled appearance.
  • Kane? vs. Santino was rumored for Summerslam.
Main Event Rob Van Dam def. Triple H, Seth Rollins, Shawn Michaels, Dean Ambrose and Neville Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  • Dario Culo woke up in time to join the commentary booth for this match.
  • Techical difficulties occured as Triple H levitated, then landed on a power cord, causing the power to go out.
  • RVD pulled down the title despite no longer having knees.

*Reflects the time after the match was restarted


Summerslam was an nL Universe PPV, which aired live on Hitbox on August 2nd, 2015. The event was main evented by a WWE Championship match, with Kane 02 defending the title against King of the Ring winner Santino Marella. Other notable matches featured included World Heavyweight Champion Corey Graves defending against Brock Lesnar in a No Holds Barred match, and Bray Wyatt vs The Terminator.


# Match Stipulations Notes Ratings Time
1 Sami Zayn def. Dean Ambrose (c), Daniel Bryan, Col. Mustafa, R-Truth and The Great Khali 6 Man Battle Royal for the Yellow Championship
  1. Mustafa eliminated Khali immediately.
  2. Ambrose and Sami eliminated Mustafa.
  3. Bryan eliminated R-Truth.
  4. Sami eliminated Bryan.
  5. Sami eliminated Ambrose to win.
  • Khali got eliminated real early in the match because he was too busy laughing at Jericho's jokes.
**¼ 6:18
2 Mark Henry (c) def. Jey Uso Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship
  • Henry pinned Uso with a World's Strongest Slam right to the culo.
*** 3:07
3 Damien Sandow def. Dolph Ziggler TLC match for the custody of Roman Reigns
  • Sandow pulled down Roman to set him free.
  • We no longer have any tag team champions.
***½  9:14
4 Sting (c) def. Rey Mysterio Singles match for the WCW United States Championship
  • Sting pinned Rey with the Tombstone Piledriver
*½  3:02
5 Brock Lesnar def. Corey Graves (c) No Holds Barred match for the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Lesnar pinned Graves with an F5.
  • There will be no rematch, for reals this time
****¾ 11:13
6 The Terminator def. Bray Wyatt Singles match
  • Terminator pinned Bray with a leg drop.
***¼ 5:37
Main Event Kane? 02 (c) def. King Santino Marella Maskara match for the WWE Championship
  • Kane pinned Santino with a Tombstone despite Santino's foot being under the rope.
  • Since Santino lost, he must wear a mask.
****¼ 6:15

Madison Square Garden V: The Phenom PainEdit

Madison Square Garden V: The Phenom Pain is a special event, taking the place of the Saturday Night's Main Event before Night of Champions. The main event of the show is Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 Curfew Man Punk the 11-12 Ascension def. Rey Mysterio Loser Goes to Bed Forever match for the Title of The Ascension
  • Punk put Mysterio to bed with the Go To Bed.
2 Fandango def. General Col. Fruit Punch Paul (c) Singles match for All the Marbles
  • Fandango pinned Paul with the Summer AbiRael
3 Goldust def. Curtis Axel Singles match
  • Goldust pinned Axel with the Final Cut.
  • Axel botched the end by kicking out too late.
4 Bam Bam Bigelow def. RVD (MITB), The Miz and Darren Young Fatal Four Way Extreme Rules match for the Money in the Bank briefcase
  • Bam Bam pinned Young with the Bamsault
Main Event The Undertaker def. Brock Lesnar Last Man Standing match
  • Brock was counted out after having his head slammed into the mat.
  • Taker attacked Brock before the match started.
  • That was the main event, folks.

Night of ChampionsEdit

Night of Champions was an nL Universe PPV, which aired live on Hitbox on October 17, 2015. The event served as the season final for Season 2 and the last show of the 2K15 era.
  • Updated poster
  • One night, one chance, every title, no Hogan's.
  • Original poster
  • "Macho Man Randy Savage"


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 Daniel Bryan def. Bo Dallas, JBL, R-Truth, The Rock and Fandango Ladder match for all the other SNME Championships
  • Bryan pulled down the briefcase to become champion.
  • Fandango's title became warped via magnetism.
  • Fandango kept malfuctioning, for better or for worse.
2 Paige def. Brie Bella (c) Diva's match for the WWE Women's Championship
  • Paige pinned Brie after two RamPaiges
  • Mama Herandez briefly returned to commentary.
3 John Cena def. Mark Henry (Intercontinental Champion) and Cesaro (Hardcore Champion) Triple Threat Extreme Rules match for the Intercontinental and Swisscore Championships
  • Cena pinned Henry with a half-and-half neckbreaker.
4 Natalya (Ultimate Fighter: Brazil) def. Tamina Snuka (c) Diva's match for the WWE Diva's Championship and the Ultimate Fighter: Brazil
  • Natalya shoot pinned Tamina with a discus lariato.
  • Tamina was supposed to win with the Superfly Splash, but Natalya went into business for herself and started shooting.
5 Sting (c) def. Darren Young Singles match for the WCW United States Championship
  • Sting pinned Young with the Tombsting Piledriver.
6 Randy Savage def. Xavier Woods (c) Singles match for the WWE Championship
  • Savage pinned Woods with the Elbow Drop.
Main Event Big E (w/ Seth Rollins) def. Erick Rowan (w/ Jey Uso) (c) Singles match for the World Heavyweight Championship
  • Big E pinned Rowan with a small package.
  • Jey was kicked out for being a jerk.

Hell in a CellEdit

The first PPV of the 2k16 era, Hell in a Cell aired live on Hitbox on November 15, 2015. It was main evented by a Tag Team Hell in a Cell match between Team Raw (Shane McMahon and a partner of his choosing) and Team Smackdown (Vince McMahon and a partner of his choosing), with the winning team gaining two free draft picks for their respective brand, and the ability to drop a superstar of their choice from their brand to the loser's brand.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 Baron Corbin def. Kane '01 (c) Hell in a Cell match for the Australia Championship
  • Crobin pinned Kane with the Oil Spill after being fuck-tossed into the ropes.
  • The cell is made out of rubber.
2 The Cassanovas (Dolph Ziggler and Colin Cassady) def. I Don't Fucking Know (Mikey Whipwreck and Savio Vega) (c) Tornado Tag Team Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
  • Big Colin pinned Mikey wth a Black Hole Slam.
  • The ring is still covered in oil, causing Savio Vega to slip constantly.
  • Friendship has failled.
3 Paige (Women's Champion and Ultimate Fighter: Brazil) def. Natalya (Divas' Champion) Falls Count Anywhere match to unify the Divas' and Women's Championships and for the title of Ultimate Fighter: Brazil
  • Paige pinned Natalya with a Rampaige through the ropes, on the steel mesh on the apron.
  • Paige tapped out, but Rustum Jeramius was too distracted by her feet to notice.
4 John Cena (IC and Hardcore Champion) def. Sting (US Champion) Last Man Standing match to unify the WCW United States and WWE Intercontinental Championships, and for the Undefined Hardcore Championship
  • Cena kept Sting down with the Attitude Adjustment.
  • The legendary reign of Sting is over.
5 Ricky Steamboat def. Kalisto Steel Cage match to determine the #1 Contender for the Undisputed WWE Championship.
  • Steamboat escaped the cage after a shitty backdrop.
6 Randy Savage (WWE Champion) def. Big E (World Heavyweight Champion) Hell in a Cell match to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships
  • Savage pinned Big E with the elbow drop.
  • Jericho's internet was knocked out right at the end of the match via his cats. #PussyProblems
7 Team Raw (Shane McMahon and Sin Cara) vs. Team Smackdown/New West Ofrica (Mr. McMahon and Stardust) Hell in a Cell Tag Team match for the right to select two draft picks and release one Superstar
  • Sin Cara pinned Stardust after a Russian Legsweep.
  • Stardust finally debuts.
  • He debut for THIS?
  • Raw gets two superstars.
  • Raw's first pick is Big Colin.
  • Raw's second pick is Bray Wyatt.
  • Being dropped to Smackdown is Stephanie McMahon.

nL Takeover: Miz vs LizEdit

nL Takeover: Miz vs Liz is an upcoming nL Network special event, scheduled to air before Survivor Series. The show will feature matches from RAW and Smackdown with Championship implications, as well as implications for Survivor Series.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 Rusev def. Samoa Joe and Big E Big Boy Bash match
  • Rusev pinned Joe with an Alabama Slam
  • Big Boys going at it on a Big show.
2 Trish Stratus def. Stephanie McMahon (c) Women's match for the Ultimate Women's Championship
  • Trish pinned Steph with the Stratusfaction
  • Trish only got this title shot because she's on Smackdown and she's Canadian and Htial loves her (although he's most likely friendzoned).
3 THE SHOCKMASTER def. Baron Corbin (c) Australia Campionship Open Challenge
  • The Shockmaster pinned Corbin with the Squeeze Slam
4 John Cena (c) def. Stardust Singles match for the InterJohntinental Championship
  • Cena pinned Stardust with an Attitude Adjustment.
  • If Stardust loses this match and his match against Bo Dallas at Survivor Series, the New West Ofrica must disband
  • John Cena came out with the United States Championship, what an asshole.
  • Stardust fucking blew it
5 Kevin Owens (c) def. Sami Zayn Singles match for the Undisputed Championship
  • Owens pinned Zayn with the cocktease.
  • Ricky Steamboat was originally the #1 Contender, but he gave his spot to Sami through Ric Flair in exchange for a spot in the Fortune Four Horsemen
  • After the match Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived and beat up Owens.
Main Event Miss Elizabeth def. The Mizdow (c) Steel Cage match for the WWE Championship
  • Kevin Owens randomly showed up after the match (Blame Canada).

Survivor SeriesEdit

  • Survivor Series poster, created by BigJerichool222
Survivor Series is an nL PPV, scheduled to air sometime in the near future. The show will feature matches between RAW and Smackdown in a battlefor brand supremacy. The show with the most wins at the end of the PPV will receive an undisclosed number of draft picks.


# Match Stipulations Notes Time
1 X-Pac (Raw) def. Tyson Kidd (Raw), Golga (Raw), Diego (Smackdown), Rowdy Roddy Piper (Smackdown) and Enzo Amore (Smackdown) Singles match
  • X-Pac eliminates Tyson Kidd of Raw
  • X-Pac eliminates Golga of Raw FUCKING HELL, X-PAC!
  • Diego eliminates Enzo Amore of Smackdown
  • X-Pac eliminates Diego of Smackdown
  • X-Pac eliminates Roddy Piper of Smackdown to win.
  • Htial completely buried Duel on the mic.
  • TWICE!
  • THRICE!!
  • Only Piper and Golga get the idea of how this is supposed to go.
  • Raw - 1
  • Smackdown - 0
2 Stardust (Smackdown) def. Bo Dallas (Raw) Singles match
  • Stardust pinned Dallas with the Dark Matter
  • The New West Ofrica may or may not be dead, I dunno,
  • Raw - 1
  • Smackdown - 1
3 Dolph Ziggler (Smackdown) def. Big Colin (Raw) Singles match
  • Ziggler pinned Colin with a Zig Sad
  • Colin may still have feelings for Ziggler.
  • This Duel/Htial feud is just getting mean now.
  • Raw - 1
  • Smackdown - 2
4 The Bangbus (Adam Rose & DDP) (Raw) def. Heat Spin (Cesaro & Straight Shootin' Stevie Ray) (Smackdown) Finals of the Tag Team Championship Contendership Tournament or something
  • Rose pinned Cesaro following More Bang for Your Bus
  • Raw - 2
  • Smackdown - 2
5 Paige (Raw) def. Trish Stratus (c) (Smackdown) Falls Count Anywhere match for the Ultimate Women's Championship
  • Paige pinned Trish with a rollup
  • Technical difficulties occured. One can only assume that Duel got naked and had to be calmed down.
  • The ref was mostly biased towards Trish.
  • Raw - 3
  • Smackdown - 2
6 Kevin Owens (Smackdown) def. Miss Elizabeth (Raw) Champion vs Champion match
  • Owens pinned Liz with the Pop-up Powerbomb
  • The title is fucking huge on Liz
  • Raw - 3
  • Smackdown - 3
Main Event Vince McMahon, Darren Young, and The Undertaker (Smackdown) def. Shane McMahon, Titus O'Neil, and Vader (Raw) Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match
  • Vince McMahon was disqualified for not getting out of the ring like a dumbfuck.
  • Darren Young eliminated Titus O'Neil after a bunch of moves followed by the end of The Worm.
  • Darren Young eliminated Vader with the Gut Check
  • Shane McMahon was eliminated by count out because Smackdown are a bunch of cowards
  • Vader was fired from Smackdown after walking out of that one match.
  • Raw: 3
  • Smackdown: 4
  • Smackdown wins
  • Smackdown gets Kane! '01 and Edge
  • Raw gets JBL
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