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The Royal Rumble was an nL Universe PPV, co-hosted by the Raw and Smackdown brands. The event took place on March 15, 2018.

Match BackgroundEdit

On the first Smackdown of the 2K18 Universe Mode, The Brian Kendrick defeated United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura in a grueling match, fighting to survive his last chance at greatness. It was later announced on Twitter that Smackdown General Manager Greg Valentine had arranged for Nakamura to defend his United States Championship against Kendrick. Kendrick's career may or may not be on the line as well, as it is his last chance. The two continued going at one another over the weeks prior to the Rumble, with Nakamura beating Kendrick in a rematch on the second week, and the two brawling following Nakamura's victory over Mr. Perfect on the third week. Nakamura once again defeated Kendrick on the last show before the Royal Rumble, and after the match continued to assault him, culminating in him putting Kendrick through a table in declaration of their match being a tables match.

On the third episode of Smackdown, No Relevance Jose defeated the WWE Champion Chad Gable and is now considered a #1 contender but on the fourth episode, No Relevance Jose was defeated by Sawyer Fulton. Also on the same episode, Chad Gable was once again defeated, this time by the undefeated Brock Lesnar. So Greg Valentine announced on the nL Twitter that Chad Gable will defend his title No Relevance Jose & Brock Lesnar, the 2 men that beat him and Sawyer Fulton, the person that defeated No Relevance Jose.

On the fourth episode of Raw, it was announced that the main event match on that episode will be the #1 Contender for the Universal Championship, which was won by Samoa Joe, who defeated Killian Dain.


# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
- Samoa Joe cut a promo with Shane McMahon

It's a promo

Samoa Joe taught everyone what a microphone is.

Joe called out Shane McMahon for his title match right god damn now. AND HERE COMES SHANE!

Joe thinks Shane McMahon's day is over, Shane is freaking out now.

Also there's pie.


Joe then mic'd him and they brawled.

1 Carmella (c) def. Becky Lynch Single's match for the Raw Women's Championship Carmella submit Becky with the Cone of Silence
2 Charlotte won by last eliminating Asuka 8 Women Royal Rumble match for the Smackdown Women's Championship

According to Greg Valentine, entrance doesn't matter since they all start at once

Elimination order can be found on the table below

3 The Brian Kendrick def. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) Tables match for Nakamura's United States Championship and Kendrick's career Kendrick hurricarana'd Nakamura through a table to become the new champion and keep his career
4 Vader def. Rusev Singles match

Vader pinned Rusev after a Vader Bomb

Vader attacked Rusev after the match

Vader came from Heart Surgery just for this event

This match is to determine if it's Rusev Day or Vader Time

5 Samoa Joe def. Shane McMahon (c) via countout Singles match for the Universal Championship Joe let Shane get counted out.
6 No Way Jose def. Chad Gable (c), Brock Lesnar and Sawyer Fulton Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Championship

Jose pinned Gable with the No Way!


- Rob Van Dam cuts a promo It's a promo

Rob Van Dam wants into the Rumble, but can't get in.

Main Event Mike Awesome won by last eliminating Noam Dar 30 Man Royal Rumble match THE RECENT WINNER OF THE BRAWL 4 ALL WINS THE RUMBLE!! WHICH CHAMPION WILL HE CHOOSE TO FIGHT AT WRESTLEMANIA?!?!

There are rumors that Mike Awesome could possibly face The Miz (Please!)

Entry OrderEdit

Smackdown Women's Royal Rumble Entrance and Eliminations Edit

Draw Wrestler Elimination Order Eliminated by
1 Ruby Riot (c) 5 Mickie James Ellsworth
2 Asuka 7 Charlotte
3 Mickie James Ellsworth 6 Charlotte
4 Charlotte Flair - WINNER
5 Sasha Banks 2 Mickie James Ellsworth
6 Nia Jax 3 Billie Kay
7 Ember Moon 1 Charlotte
8 "Bad Ass" Billie Kay 4 Ruby Riot & Mickie James

Royal Rumble Entrance and Eliminations Edit

Draw Wrestler Order Eliminated by Brand
1 Reverend D-Von 1 Jeff Jarrett Free Agent
2 Sin Cara 6 Killian Dain Smackdown
3 Jeff Jarrett 5 Braun Strowman Free Agent
4 British Bulldog 3 Nick Miller Free Agent
5 Titus O'Neil 2 The Miz Raw
6 Gran Metalik 4 Braun Strowman Smackdown
7 The Miz 7 Andre the Giant Smackdown
8 Nick Miller 9 Killian Dain Raw
9 Braun Strowman 16 Darren Young Smackdown
10 Killian Dain 20 James Ellsworth Raw
11 Bray Wyatt 10 Andre the Giant Raw
12 Andre the Giant 13 Rezar Raw
13 Curt Hawkins 8 Braun Strowman Smackdown
14 Seth Rollins 12 Andre the Giant Raw
15 Baron Corbin 11 Seth Rollins Smackdown
16 Aleister Black 17 Tyson Kidd Smackdown
17 Darren Young 18 Tyson Kidd Raw
18 Kevin Owens 14 Braun Strowman Raw
19 Tyson Kidd 19 Mr. Perfect Raw
20 Rezar 15 Aleister Black Smackdown
21 Mr. Perfect 21 Tyson Kidd Smackdown
22 Jack Gallagher 22 Zack Ryder Raw
23 Mike Awesome Winner - Free Agent
24 Matt Hardy 23 Greg Valentine Free Agent
25 Zack Ryder 24 Greg Valentine Smackdown
26 James Ellsworth 28 Mike Awesome NWA
27 Greg Valentine 25 James Ellsowrth Smackdown
28 Lars Sullivan 26 Mike Awesome Raw
29 Noam Dar 29 Mike Awesome Raw
30 Chris Jericho 27 Mike Awesome Smackdown


The Dave Meltzer of this Universe Mode, YouTuber Blonic 2k17 rated the Royal Rumble Match a 5 out of 5 calling it Incredible, while he didn't think that the Smackdown Women's Rumble would be that great "as most big fusterclucks are", saying that the ending between Asuka & Charlotte were mind blowing, rating it 4 out of 5.

He rated the Universal Championship Match 2 out of 5 saying that it was "A sadly lackluster championship contest" and was disgusted on the way they protected Shane McMahon. He rated the Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Championship match 2 and a half out of 5 calling it another Mehish title match but kinda felt good on No Way Jose getting the title. He gave the US Championship table match a 3 out of 5 calling it a quality match, saying that they were more or less delivered. And according to our calculations, his overall rating for this PPV was 3/5.

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