Raw is a show in nL's 2k18 Universe Mode. The show was run by General Manager Tyson Kidd before losing the position to Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania. Many consider it to be the A show. I personally consider it to be a show.

Roster Edit

Superstar Finisher W/L Record Notes
Alexa Bliss Regular Punch + DDT 1-1
Alicia Fox Scissor Me Timbers 1-0
Andre the Giant The Happy Slam 0-2
Apollo Crews Crews Control 0-1
Bam Bam Bigelow Bam Bam Sault 2-1
"Just" Bayley Bayley to Belly 2-1

Raw Undisputed Women's Champion

Leader of the BAM Movement. (Bayley Against Mothers)

Mother of the Year

Becky Lynch Dis-arm-her 7-3
"Glorious" Roode Glorious DDT 0-1
Bray Wyatt Sister Abigail 2-4
Carmella Cone of Silence 1-9
"Officer" Cesaro Neutralizer 0-1 The Damn Cop
Dana Brooke Samoan Driver 0-0
Daniel Bryan Yes Lock 1-2
Darren Young Gut Check 0-5

The first openly Great Superstar

Officially Retired

Elias Drift Away 3-1 Raw Tag Team Champion
Epico Colón Colón-oscopy 5-2

Nick Miller's friend

Erick Rowan Rowan Apocalypse 1-5
Gentleman Jack Gallagher Gentleman's Dropkick 2-3 Mr. 206
Goldust Final Cut 2-1 Intercontinental Championship
Heath Slater Smash Hit 1-1
Hideo Itami G2S 1-1
Jey Uso Uso Splash 1-1 May or may not be a free agent
Jimmy "Jam" Garvin 911 1-1 Owner of a Jam Factory
Jimmy Uso Tequila Sunrise 1-1 May or may not be a free agent, like his brother
Jinder Mahal Khallas 1-5
"Big JC" John Cena Attitude Adjustment 2-0 Raw Tag Team Champion
Kane Chokeslam 0-3
Karl Anderson Gun Stun 0-0
Kassius Ohno Rolling Elbow 0-0
Kevin "The Answer" Owens Pop-up Powerbomb 3-3
Killian Dain One Winged Daingel 2-3
Lars Sullivan The Freak Accident 2-1
Luke Gallows Gallows Pole 0-0
Luke Harper Discus Lariat 0-1
Maryse French Kiss 0-3 Wife of Sin Cara, A Mother
Matt Hardy Twist of Fate 0-1
Mike Awesome Awesome Bomb 3-0 Universal Champion
Neville Red Arrow 0-0
Naomi She Calls It The Rear View 2-1 The Invisible Woman
"Big Dick" Nick Miller Blue Vengeance 5-5

Women wants to see him, Men wants to be him, Johnny wants to see and be him.

One of a Billion Competitor

Noam Dar Nova Roller 3-3
Peyton Royce She Loves Me (Not) 4-2 Is obsessed with a Flower with petals Called "The Lads".
Rhyno GORE! GORE! GORE! 0-5 The Motor City Machine Gun
Rich Swann Swann Song 0-0
Rob Van Dam Five Star Frog Splash 1-0 General Manager
Samoa Joe Coquina Clutch 5-3
Seth Rollins RainTrigger 0-3
Shane McMahon Falling to Death 2-4

The fastest superstar in the roster

TaMiNa Superfly Splash 1-5 aka Tamina-GOD
Titus O'Neil Clash of Titus 0-1
Tyson Kidd Sharpshooter 1-3
Viktor Rising Knee 0-1 F.K.A Rick Viktor. E

Tag Teams Edit

Name Members Notes
3 Man Beasts Jinder Mahal & Rhyno Black Ref May or May not be the 3rd Beast
5 Tunes of Doom Elias & John Cena Raw Tag Team Champions
Heath & Rhyno Heath Slater & Neville
Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Kassius Ohno & Luke Harper
The Freakbirds Epico Colon, Lars Sullivan & Nick Miller
The Shoe-sos Jimmy & Jey Uso

Champions Edit

Universal Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Shane McMahon 54 2K18 Draft Bought Awarded the title by General Manager Tyson Kidd
Samoa Joe 30 No Way Out
Mike Awesome 0+ WrestleMania

Intercontinental Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Noam Dar 54 2K18 Draft Awarded the title by General Manager Tyson Kidd, likely for overcoming Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers in the Elimination Chamber
Goldust 0+ WrestleMania Won a Fatal 4 Way Match also involving Erick Rowan and Kane

Raw Tag Team Championship Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
The Freakbirds (Epico Colon, Nick Miller & Lars Sullivan) 54 2K18 Draft

Awarded the titles by General Manager Tyson Kidd

May invoke the Freakbird Rules during any tag title match

5 Tunes of Doom 0+ WrestleMania

Raw Women's Champion Edit

Name Days Held Event Won Notes
Unknown Champion 0 2K18 Draft Awarded the title by General Manager Tyson Kidd
Carmella 54 2K18 Draft Cashed in Money in the Bank to win the title
Becky Lynch 30 No Way Out Submit Carmella to win the title
Bayley 0+ WrestleMania Won a 8-Way Battle Royal also involving Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Maryse, Tamina, Naomi and Peyton Royce

Results Edit

Episode 1Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Gentleman Jack Gallagher def. Bray Wyatt Singles match

Gallagher won via dropkick

After the match Gallagher and Bray shook hands like a bunch of gentlemen would.

2 Noam Dar def. Apollo Crews, Darren Young and Kane Fatal 4 Way Dar submits Kane to the Champagne Super Kneebar

This match was also for the title of "The Man".

Noam Dar is now "The Man"

3 Tamina def. Becky Lynch Singles match Tamina won via 5 Star Superfly Splash

Several Raids came into the stream to support Tamina as their god

4 The Freakbirds (Epico & Nick Miller) def. 3 Man Beasts (Jinder Mahal & Rhyno) Tag Team Match The Freakbirds won via a tag team maneuver, while Rhyno was being distracted by Lars Sullivan.
Main Event Kevin Owens def. Samoa Joe Singles match Owens won via Pop-up Powerbomb

Episode 2 Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Jack Gallagher def. Viktor Singles Match

Gallagher won via superplex, luckily the ring was reinforced so it didn't explode.

Should Viktor win, he would've been called Rick Viktor E.

After the match, Gallagher reminded everyone that he has now 2 wins.

2 Peyton Royce def. Tamina Singles Match Peyton Royce won via She Loves me not

After the Match, Becky Lynch attacked Peyton Royce

3 Tyson Kidd def. Darren Young and Noam Dar Triple Threat This match was originally Young vs. Dar, but then a concussed Tyson Kidd booked himself into the match

Kidd won via Springboard Elbow

Tyson Kidd is the Man now I guess?

4 Becky Lynch def. Carmella Singles Match Becky won with a Becksploder after a series of X-Pac Leg Drops, making Johnny laugh on how ridiculous the move is.

After the match, an Invisible Woman (possibly Naomi) attacked Carmella but was saved by Becky Lynch.

Main Event Bray Wyatt def. Andre the Giant Singles Match Wyatt wins after a Big Boy Senton

Episode 3 Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Freakbirds (Epico and Nick Miller) def. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) Tag Team match The Freakbirds win via the Number One Hit
2 Lars Sullivan def. "Mr 206" Jack Gallagher Singles match Sullivan won via the Freak Accident
3 Peyton Royce def. Carmella and Bayley Triple Threat

Royce won with She Loves Me (Not) on Carmella

Johnny and Jericho speculate that Bayley might be the ghost that attacked Carmella last week

4 Samoa Joe def. Darren Young Singles match Joe wins via DQ after a run in from Titus O'Neil
Main Event Bray Wyatt def. Seth Rollins Singles match Wyatt won with Sister Abigail

Episode 4 (Rumble Go-Home)Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Freakbirds (Epico and Nick Miller) def. 3 Man Beasts (Rhyno and Jinder Mahal) Tag Team match

Epico pinned Jinder off the Colón-oscopy

The Freakbirds jumped the 3 Man Beasts before the match

2 Shane McMahon def. Erick Rowan Singles match

Shane pinned Rowan off the Coast to Coast, nearly kicking Rowan's beard off in the process.

Shane finally showed up to RAW because Erick Rowan called Linda "Fat" on Twitter

3 Kevin Owens def. Darren Young Singles match

Owens pinned Darren off the Pop-Up Powerbomb

Tyson Kidd keeps booking Darren Young in tough matches to make Darren take Days Off.

4 Becky Lynch def. Carmella Singles match

Becky submit Carmella with the Disarmher

Becky was supposed to face Tamina, but Carmella chased Becky out instead to be her opponent.

The invisible woman was the one who took out Tamina.

Main Event Samoa Joe def. Killian Dain Singles match to determine the #1 Contender for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble

Joe submit Dain with the Coquina Clutch

The total number of men between Dain and Joe is three.

Episode 5Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) def. The Freakbirds (Epico and Nick Miller) Tag Team match The Usos won via count out after slamming Thicc Nicc into the red shoes
2 Killian Dain def. Tyson Kidd Singles match

Dain pinned Kidd with the One Winged Daingel

Tyson Kidd is straight up trying to murder people now.


3 Naomi def. Tamina Singles match

Naomi submit Tamina with The Hack Blue Lights revealed that Naomi was the invisible woman the entire time.

She's also a hacker, having hacked Johnny's controller.

Becky came out after the match to attack Naomi, confirming that Naomi was the invisible woman.

4 Becky Lynch def. Carmella Singles match

Becky pinned Carmella with the Explode-Her

Carmella came out to replace Alexa, because why the fuck not?

Main Event Daniel Bryan def. Samoa Joe Singles match

Bryan submit Joe with the Yes Lock

Shane McMahon sat at ringside and distracted Joe by saying hi and waving pie before moonwalking away.

Could Bryan be in contention for a Universal Title shot?

Episode 6Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Killian Dain def. Kevin Owens Singles match

Owens got counted out after getting his ass kicked by Dain.

Kidd sent Owens out to punish Dain for beating him.

Happy Boobs Day

Dain continues to piss off Kidd

2 Bayley def. Tamina and Maryse Triple threat match for the title of mother of the year

Bayley pinned Tamina with Just an Elbow

Maryse gave birth just 12 HOURS before this match.

Maryse left Miz for Sin Cara and have a baby together named Hunico.

Bayley has started the BAM Movement (Bayley Against Mothers)

This Match to the Determine the Mother of the Year

3 Peyton Royce def. Carmella Singles match

Royce pinned Carmella with the Death Valley Driver

Carmella torn her vagina after missing a bronco buster

Rolls-Royce is not a funny pun Jericho


4 The Freakbirds (Epico & Nick Miller) def. 3 Man Beasts (Jinder Mahal & Rhyno) Tag Team match

BIG DICK NICK pinned Jinder off the Big Dick Spinebuster

The Freakbirds attacked 3 Man Beasts before the match, which may have been due to Rhyno being concussed.

Main Event Samoa Joe def. Shane McMahon Singles match

Joe submit Shane with the Rear Nakey Choke Joe ran down during Shane's entrance to ambush him, but Shane was ready.

Black Ref disrespected the title by tossing it to the outside nonchalantly

Joe has earned a title shot against Shane at No Way Out

Episode 7Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Shane McMahon def. Bray Wyatt Singles match Shane is training for Joe by fighting other Big Boys

Bray began using his spoopy powers to teleport out of moves and get 1 Counts

Shane won with a Bulldog after going insane after getting Bloodied up

2 Peyton Royce def. Tamina Women's Match Peyton pinned Tamina with the "She Loves Me Not"
3 Papa Shango def. Erick Rowan Single's Match Shango brought a mysterious smoking skull down to the ring. Fans speculated it was Harper's.

Shango won with a shoulderbreaker

4 5 Tunes of Doom def. 3 Man Beasts Tag Match The 3MB tried to interrupt The Five Tunes of Doom's Concert, but the Freakbirds attacked them

Jinder and Elias started on the wrong sides of the ring

Goldberg ran in during the match, breaking the Universe temporarily

5 Tunes of Doom won with 5 Tunes of Doomsday.

John Cena has acted REALLY strange since Nikki dumped him

Main Event Becky Lynch def. Carmella Women's Match Carmella started the match by sneaking in through the crowd and beating her

Becky Lynch made Carmella tap with the Did-arm-her!

Episode 8 (No Way Out Go-Home)Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Becky Lynch vs Peyton Royce Women's match

The match never started as Carmalla attacked Peyton in the back and threw her off the stage. Jericho is distraught.

Camella and Becky brawled in the right, with Becky standing tall.

2 Alicia Fox def. Tamina Women's match Tamina was counted out after Alicia tossed her by her hair.
3 Erick Rowan def. Kane and Goldust Singles match

Rowan pinned Kane off a Big Splash.

Erick Rowan is now (maybe) he #1 contender for Noam Dar's Intercontinental Championship. Goldust is #2 for not being pinned.

4 Bam Bam Bigelow def. Shane McMahon Non-Title match

Bam Bam pinned McMahon off the Bam Bam Sault

Shane McMahon is a magician, he pulled the Universal title out of nowhere. Joe even came out to see.

Main Event Jinder Mahal def. Nick Miller Singles match


Nick tried to get back at Jinder for cheating him, but Jinder threw him over the top rope like an asshole. The Rumble was last month, you dork.

Episode 9Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 Hideo Itami def. "Glorious" Roode, Heath Slater, Jimmy Jam Garvin, Officer Cesaro and Luke Harper 6 Man Over the Top Rope Elimination Money in the Bank qualifying match



1. Harper eliminated by Cesaro

2. Slater eliminated by Itami

3. Garvin eliminated by Cesaro

4. Roode eliminated by Itami

5. Cesaro eliminated by Itami

- Alexa Bliss and Carmella cut a promo It's a promo

Alexa Bliss is declairing war on Carmella, and will leave food everyone

Carmella called Alexa boring and a bad speller

WWE is NOT a slumber party. They will NOT have a pillow fight.

Alexa is a foot freak.

Carmella scored 150, Alexa got 110.

2 Noam Dar def. Erick Rowan Singles match

This is Noam Dar's first match since recovering from his finger injuries. Rowan was counted out. Yep.

3 Elias def. Nick Miller Singles match

Elias pinned Nick with a flippy doo neckbreaker.

Elias slapped Big Dick Nick after Nick had a muscle spasm while trying to shake Elias' hand.


- Bam Bam Bigelow cut a promo It's a promo

Yippee. Hooray. Woah and wow.


Look at his fiery pits.

4 Becky Lynch def. Maryse Singles match

Becky pinned Maryse after the Dis-Arm Her

Just Bayley ran in and got explodeher'd. She tapped like a geek.

Main Event Mike Awesome def. Daniel Bryan Singles match

Awesome pinned Bryan off the Awesome Bomb


Episode 10Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
- Jimmy "Jam" Garvin cut a promo It's a promo

Jimmy's lost it ever since he lost the money in the bank qualifier.

Jimmy's made everyone sad by turning on them.

1 Epico Colon def. Elias Singles match

Epico pinned Elias off the Butterfly Guttstabber


2 Alexa Bliss & Naomi def. Carmella & Peyton Royce Tag Team match

Naomi submit Carmella with Hack the System

3 Noam Dar def. Erick Rowan Singles match Dar pinned Rowan off a Shining Enzi
4 Kevin Owens def. Killian Dain, Bray Wyatt and Jack Gallagher Money in the Bank qualifying match Owens pinned Bray off a Pop-up Powerbomb
5 Samoa Joe vs Cesaro went to a No Contest Singles match Mike Awesome attacked Joe during his entrance. Joe never made it to the ring.
- Jimmy Garvin and Matt Hardy cut a promo It's a promo

This is only happening because the show went short.

What the fuck happened to Garvin to make him like this?


They both wanna fight, but they also don't want a match...

Main Event Jimmy "Jam" Garvin def. Matt Hardy Singles match


Garvin pinned Hardy off The Uncrustable

Matt Hardy has been GELETED!

Episode 11Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
- Jimmy Garvin and Matt Hardy cut a promo
1 Daniel Bryan def. Kassius Ohno and Shane McMahon Mr. Money in the Bank qualifying Triple Threat Match 
2 Bayley def. Tamina Women's Singles Match
3 Bam Bam Bigelow def. Officer Cesaro via DQ Singles Match Vader interferes and attacked Bam Bam giving him a quick victory
4 Peyton Royce def. Carmella Women's Singles Match
5 "Big JC" John Cena def. Lars Sullivan Singles Match
Main Event Noam Dar & Mike Awesome def. Erick Rowan & Samoa Joe via Submission Tag Team Match

Episode 12 (Wrestlemania Go-Home)Edit

# Result Stipulation Dirtsheet Notes
1 The Ultimate Jellytion def. Heath & Rhyno Tag Team Match
2 "Big Dick" Nick Miller def. Officer Cesaro Singles Match
3 Goldust def. Erick Rowan & Kane Triple Threat Match for a spot in the Intercontinetal Championship Match at WrestleMania

(should either Goldust or Kane won, they will be added to the Match)

- Samoa Joe and Mike Awesome had a confrontation
4 Vader def. Jack Gallagher Beat the Clock Challenge
5 Alexa Bliss won by last eliminating Maryse 8-Women Battle Royal
- Jimmy Garvin and Matt Hardy cut a promo
Main Event Seth Rollins def. Apollo Crews, Karl Anderson & Andre the Giant Fatal 4-way Money in the Bank qualifying Match
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