Match CardEdit

No Result Stipulation Notes
1 The Disciple, Robocock, Brickowski def. Brickowski (Wait.. WHAT!), 'Das Vonder Kid' Alex Wright, Lord Steven Regal

Six Man Tag Team Extreme Fucking Rules Match

  • There was two Brickowskis
  • Russo booked so many swerves no one knew who was on who's team
  • Russo couldn't not get the current Robocop, so he decided on an old porn parody model named, Robocock
  • Robocock is really funny
2 Kenny Kaos def.The Zodiac, 'The Colonel' Rob Parker , & Chucky  Fatal Four Way TLC Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Special Guest Referee Match for the WCW Televison Title
  • Originally planned to have Syxx as a Special Referee, but he was drunk and no showed
  • Match dedicated to Dino Winwood
  • Owen Hart did not die, but merely went to WCW to beome Kenny Kaos
  • Rob Parker seemed to have froze time and space around him during the match
  • Kenny Kaos didn't give two shits about tables
  • The match turned into a slow motion Chikara match
  • Chucky pulled out a Double Top Ladder Stunner Swerve
3 'Violent Sr.' Dennis Rodman def 'Violent Sr.' Dennis Rodman (What the Fuck?) & Ice Train (aka Fat Dennis Rodman in a singlet). Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
  • This took place in one of Jerry Lawler's favorite matches, Hell in a Cell.
  • There were two Dennis Rodmans
  • BAW GAWD one of the Rodmans was broken in half
  • Again one of the Rodmans was broke in half
  • Yet againg Rodman was broken in half
  • Hell in a Cell is one of the King's favorite matches
  • After retard fighting Ice Train
  • ...Really Rodman was borken in half... again
  • ...Really... We can just say Rodman died because of how many times he's been thrown off the cage
  • Ice Train finally went off the side of the Cage, after amny attempts by the Rodmans
  • Rodman betrayed Rodman
  • Did King mention Hell in a Cell is one of his all time favorite matches.

Elimnation Tag ResultsEdit

No Elminated By
1 The Disciple Brickowski
2 Brickowski "Das Wunderkid" Alex Wright
3 'Das Vonder Kid' Alex Wright Robocock
4 Lord Steven Regal Robocock
5 Brickowski 2 Robocock
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