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In October 2012, Johnny and Slip decided that it was time to settle their difference once and for all. The game? Smackdown vs. Raw 2006. The objective? Each control a show every week in GM Mode in an attempt to steal viewers from the other man's show. The winner will be the man who makes it to Wrestlemania with the most viewers.

As of June 14th, the viewership is as follows:

Raw is Johnny - 4,520,000 viewers

Slipdown - 5,480,000 viewers


Raw is Johnny

Draft and Trade results:Edit

Original Draft (Part 1):Edit

# Slipdown Raw is Johnny
1 The Undertaker* Steve Austin
2 Shawn Michaels* Triple H
3 Rey Mysterio* Chris Jericho
4 Bret Hart* Kurt Angle
5 Ric Flair* Rob Van Dam
6 Kane* Eddie Guerrero
7 J. B. Layfield* Chris Benoit
8 Mankind* Edge
9 Booker T* William Regal
10 Shelton Benjamin* Randy Orton
11 Charlie Haas Muhammad Hassan
12 Spike Dudley Steven Richards
13 Tajiri Jake Roberts
14 Orlando Jordan Carlito
15 Big Show John Cena
16 Scotty 2 Hotty Rene Dupree
17 Snitsky The Rock
18 Christian The Hurricane
19 Chris Masters Paul London
20 Batista Eugene
  • Due to shit fucking up, the order of the first 10 picks of Slipdown's roster are unknown (Johnny scrolled through his list to emphasize how shitty his picks were). So I'm just going with what I believe his first 10 picks would have been.

Rules of Rando Trading:Edit

Rando Trades occur on the second week after every PPV. The Trade Master, Duel, takes the rosters and randos one to three people from each show to be traded.

Rando Trade #1 (Part 7):Edit

Slipdown's Tradees Raw is Johnny's Tradees
Batista The Hurricane
Spike Dudley The Rock
Booker T Andre the Giant

Rando Trade #2 (Part 11):Edit

Slipdown's Tradees Raw is Johnny's Tradees
J. B. Layfeld Booker T

Had a second trade been made, Raw is Johnny would have recieved World Heavyweight Champion Jake Roberts, while Slipdown would have gotten Doug Basham. The third trade would have been Raw's Universal Champion Triple H and Slipdown's Bret Hart.