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  • Johnny Blud (our fearless leader/Blind Jesus/Stevie Richards' fellow Philadelphian. Bros with The Godfather. Loves the Overdrive, fears toilets and shits in bathtubs)
  • "Mr 7351" Slip Q. Slippington (AKA Dane Cook AKA Man Called The Wedding Stinger AKA Whackysting AKA nL Slip AKA Thrasher Rodriguez AKA Mike Borga AKA Dan "The Man" Buchanan AKA Major Jimmy AKA renowned flat earther Slip Gordon AKA "The Slippery One" according to Rosemary according to the link right here)-> [1] . R.I.P killed by Crimson in Wrestling Revolution, was resurrected by Rosemary afterwards, and then once again died.
  • "Lootenant" LT Dangerous (a British gentleman with giant teeth who likes to dance, and is incredibly dangerous. It's also unconfirmed if the LT in his name stands for Lawrence Taylor)
  • 50 Foot Blake (the Russo-approved Jabroni who's from Texas and is 50 ft. tall. Bros with The Godfather)
  • duel (3MBTeam) (AKA nL Duel, the "funny" Australian who likes anime and Edge. Also makes very weird Royal Rumbles for Rumblethons. Currently trying to avenge Slip's death)
  • Homer (3MBTeam) (the black guy who's named after a famous cartoon character, and hates Daniel Bryan. Also a football coach)
  • "The Big Dawg" Jericho222 (3MBTeam) (has his own wrestling league ya know)
  • "The Chocolate Bomber" Yebba Htial (AKA Chad AKA Dirk Fox, the quiet Canadian one who wins at everything, and gets milk in bags)
  • Dino Winwood (also has his own wrestling league. the impersonator and Paul Heyman guy)
  • Sprite (loves memes and Curtis Axel, made a crazy ass wrestling game spreadsheet with Reiki)
  • Adam (awesome anti depression charity man! Also Australian)
  • Caveman (also also has his own wrestling league. A super screaming American with terrible puns that even Yang Xiao Long hates. Also drinks a lot and rages over Wendy's)

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  • Thrasher (December 21st, 2014 - December 21st, 2014)

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