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Superstar Name Notes
"Mex-Pac/El Patreon"

Alberto Del Rio

3MB Champion

Former LWO member. Was given a spot in the WWE title match at WM XXX as Sin Cara was nostalgic about his match with Edge a few years back. He failed to win it, as Edge defeated him, Justin Gabriel, and champ Zack Ryder. Later teamed up with a Born Again Shawn Michaels to form D-Generation Mex and win the Tag Team titles. Lost the titles a month later to the new West ofrica at Summerslam where he also had his name change to "El Patreon" due to Stone Cold selling the Rights to his name. Teamed up with the New Age Banditos to win the 3MB Championship at Night of Champions. Quit the company after Mr. McMahon and the nWo took over the company and merged the 2K universes.

"The Million Dollar Dean" Ambrose Made his debut at Payback, turning on Roman Reigns and joining oldLegacyinc with Hulk Hogan. Wears his Shield attire to fuck around with Roman's heart.
Andre the Giant

Debuted at Night of Champions, unsuccessfully competing for the InterJohntinental and DUMB Championships.

Antonio Cesaro

Partner of Sheamus (Los Caronies), member of the Carabinet.

Big Show

WWE Tag Team Champion

In some way, he's related to the "New York Giants", although that may be his alter-ego. Defeated Heath Slater to qualify for the WWE title match at Extreme Rules, which he lost. Formed a tag team with The Rock, becoming the holders of the Tag Title Money in the Bank briefcase. Two months later he and The Rock cashed in their briefcases, defeating CM Punk and Hulk Hogan of the new West ofrica to win the tag titles. Successfully achieved and invented time travel at Summerslam. Retained the titles at Night of Champions in a match that was restarted twice, which he changed his attire for both times.

Big Studd

OldLegacyInc associate. Johnny hates him with a passion. In another canon, he has somehow gained charisma and amazing athleticism. Won the InterJohntinental Championship at Battleground, thus adding an additional John to his name. Lost both his legs, his title, and both of his Johns within the span of a month.


Possibly The Undertaker's motorcycle loving brother and/or cousin. Turned Michelle McCool into a motorbike after having had enough of her shit. Joined forces with Seth Rollynns and Randy Savage, turning Metal Madness into Death Metal Madness. Made an attempt to take the BIG SPLITTY WIG away from the new West ofrica, but failed.

Bo Dallas The latest "Paul Heyman Guy". Originally to debut at Battleground but Austin is an incompetent booker. Leader of the nWbo. Currently stuck in Bolivia.
Bret Hart

Formerly of Team HartBurn, who lost to the Band for contendership at Wrestlemania XXX. Defeated Jack Swagger for THE BIG AMERICA championship in a pre-show tag match at Money in the Bank and renamed it THE BIG SHITTY CANADA before losing it to Mark Henry at Battleground. Was fired at Summerslam for slapping a social media worker. Somehow got his job back before Night of Champions and challenged for the Tag Team titles with Sgt. Slaughter, before getting fired again for using a chair.

Brock Lesnar Lost to Sin Cara at WM XXX for the GM position, after Triple H hit the ref with a sledgehammer. May or may not have been involved in the murder of GMs Brad Maddox and Vicki Guerrero. He was a member of the Wolfpac, also known as the WolfBrock or the Brockpac (with Scott Hall, Xavier Woods, Triple H, and Aksana). Don't turn your back on the Wolfbrock, you might wind up in a Brockybag. Made his return on Day 3 of Payback, looking younger and sporting a goatee. He challenged for the Mexican Championship in a triple threat match, but failed to win. Was named the special referee in the Triple Threat match for ALL THE MARBLES at Night of Champions. Attacked everybody in the match, and spent the rest of the time trying to convince them to wrestle. May or may not have been in Sin Cara's pocket.
"The Man-Dinosuar" Brodus Clay

3MB Champion

Debuted at Night of Champions, joining D-Generation Mex and forming the New Age Banditos with The Miz.

Chris Jericho Upon his return, stole the "Capetown Werewolf" nickname from Justin Gabriel. The two participated in a "WAIT A MINUTE!" tables match at Extreme Rules, during which the laws of physics were broken. He's from Capetown, idiot! Competed in a TLC match for "Dem Cakes", losing out to Ric Flair.
"Blue Dot" Christian HIS FACE IS RATTY!
Cody Rhodes Formed the team "Bro-ManChus" with Yokozuna on Day 1 of Payback, bringing him and the IC title back from the dead. We cannot confirm nor deny if he is drunk during his entrances. Could not make it to Day 3 of the show, being replaced by Roman Reigns. It's okay, Roman has a moustache too.
"Cotton Eye" Joe Hennig Was once Debra until he assumed the identity of Joe Hennig, then grew out his hair. His name originates from the Spanish theme of Payback - "Cotton-Eye Juan". Created the nWo (newWestofrica) with Kofi Kingston at Payback and a third man who turned out as Hulk Hogan. They cut the feed on Day 2, causing Sin Cara to create a third day at a later time. Banned from the Money in the Bank arena, along side Kofi Kingston, due to their actions at Payback. Was kicked out of the nWo after shitting the bed with King Kong Bundy at Battleground and killing the elusive West Ofrican Fly.
CM Punk

Formerly teamed with his divorce lawyer David Otunga. He battled the drug cartel of Oldlegacyinc. at Extreme Rules, in a losing effort. He hates old people and drugs. Joey Styles named him the "Insane Luchador" at Wrestlemania. Lost to Otunga for a spot in the WWE title match at Extreme Rules. After a multiple month absence he returned at Money in the Bank to win the Intercontinental Championship, only to walk out again at Battleground. Surprisingly returned a month later as the newest Paul Heyman guy, and as the newest member of the new West ofrica, pronouncing himself to be the "Best in the Third World". He proceded to win the tag team titles alongside nWo leader Hulk Hogan, but immediately lost them to tag team MITB holders, The Rock and Big Show. Quit for the final (?) time after Mr. McMahon and the nWo took over the company and merged the 2K universes, despite being in the nWo himself. He is better known as "Walking Dead Enthusiast" Phil Brooks, or Curfew Man Punk.

Damien Sandow The "Intellectual Savior of Dem Asses". Willingly gave his robe to Sin Cara during a match with R-Truth at Extreme Rules, joining Los Caronies. He was rumored to be in the Snaketion of Domination due to the size of his penis but instead decided to enlighten "the Darkness" of Truth. Said to be afraid of the dark by GM Sin Cara, hence why he placed Sandow against Truth in the first place (he hoped to steal the robe). Sandow allowed Sin Cara to win to join the Carabinet. Was involved in a number 1 contender's triple threat at Payback when the feed was cut, leading to all three men becoming number 1 contenders. However Sandow failed to win THE BIG GOLD. Booked in a Loser Leaves Their Stable match on the Night of Champions kickoff, but kept his position after the Undertaker pinned Hulk Hogan.
David Batista Was special guest referee for Edge and Steve Austin's match for the WWE title at Wrestlemania, making a grand entrance in his gear. Was killled by Steve Austin's ATV when the Rattlesnake made his entrance for the Ironman match at WM XXX. Came back to life at Money in the Bank and challenged for the Intercontinental Championship, failing. Batista then challenged for the DUMB Championship. He sadly failed and is now dead.

Deal with it.

Daniel Bryan Unsuccessfully challenged for the Tag Team titles at Night of Champions with Mick Foley. Injured his shoulder playing the 2K16 beta. Fans chanted for him all night at WrestleMania, but he never appeared.
David Otunga

He revived the New Nexus with CM Punk for a short time, losing to the Bollywood Blondes at WMXXX. Defeated Punk to win a chance at the WWE title at Payback, though he was unsuccessful. Has been known to help Punk with his relationship problems. Joey Styles considered him the "Sicilian Shooter", and believed he has an invisible cane and loves curry. According to a Wrestlemania sign, he needs to put down the coffee. He's famous for the double gutbuster simply named "Lawsuit".

Darren Young

Forced to become Debra Young for a while by Scott Steiner. Likes to do things to people from behind. Became one of the first ever 3MB Champions at Battleground. Lost the titles at Night of Champions, so his team was renamed Jew BlackIntyre.

Diesel Snuka "The Big D", defender of Debra. Other aliases include Kevin Nash (he's the shit, I'm tellin' ya!) and Tamina Snuka. He wears a vest in tribute to his mother.
Dolph Ziggler The darkhorse of the Elimination Chamber at Payback, he jobbed to John Cena in minutes. Returned as a zombie at Summerslam, losing a #1 contendership match for the 3MB Championship to The Rock, Jack Swagger and Tensai via Stone Cold decision.
Drew McIntyre

Member of the Crew with Jack Swagger. Originally was a part of the Band with Scott Hall (who won the #1 contendership to the tag titles) although he turned on him at Extreme Rules. Drew allowed Jinder Mahal to win both belts for himself. Reformed 3MB at Battleground with Goldberg and Darren Young, winning the 3MB titles. Screwed the team at Night of Champions by breaking up their own pin.

Dusty Rhodes OldLegacyInc member, also known as the "American Nightmare," Competed for the BIG SHITTY CANADA at Battleground.
Eddie Guerrero A former Intercontinental Champion, won the title at Wrestlemania XXX before dying. Through some bizzare sequence of events (thought to be caused by Pap E. Langston's voodoo) he came back to life at Money in the Bank and challenged for the Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi championship in a losing effort. Later formed a tag team with Heath Slater, known as Latino Heath.
Edge Won the Undisputed title from Zack Ryder at Wrestlemania XXX. "Million Dollar Maven" Ricardo Rodriguez attempted a cash-in but he was foiled. In a special iron-man match, Stone Cold returned from the hospital and defeated him for both the WWE Title and the Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship. Returned at Money in the Bank to defeat Stone Cold for the Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship.
Johndango InterJohntinental Champion

Won on debut in the InterJohntinental and DUMB Championship unification match at Night of Champions.


Made his debut in the chamber at Extreme Rules in an impromptu tables match. Failed to win the Intercontinental Championship at Payback. Became one-third of the first ever 3MB champions with Drew McIntyre and Darren Young at Battleground. Lost the titles to D-Mex at Night of Champions.

"The Punjabi Python" The Late, Great Khali Former Member of the "New York Giants" trio. He was the most New York of them all. Was the special ref in the most important kickoff match of all time, and sucked at it. He died before the Match began but was resurrected probably by Pap E Shango's voodoo magic. Turned out to be Charmed by Steve Austin the whole time, now a member of the Snaketion.
Heath Slater Made his debut at Payback, as the guest referee to a tag match between Shawn Michaels/Vince McMahon and The Bro-ManChus. Was rumored to be special guest Charles Barkley, but that would be just trbl. Signs misconstrued him as being a sumo champion at the event. Was very vocal and Australian-sounding in his first try. Later formed a team with Eddie Guerrero, known as Latino Heath.
"Ghanawood" Hulk Hogan Turned his back on the WWE universe at Payback, joining the OldLegacyInc. stable with Ambrose. Then turned his back on the WWE universe again to join the new West ofrica. HE WAS THE THIRD MAN! Star of the new hit comedy to come to VHS in West Ofirca, Mr. Nanny. Held the tag titles with CM Punk for a few minutes before dropping them to The Rock and Big Show. Was pinned in a Loser Leaves Their Stable match at Night of Champions, leaving both the nWo and WWE.
Jack Swagger Created the Bollywood Blondes with Jinder Mahal some time before Wrestlemania. The two served as mercenaries for AJ Lee against Otunga and C.M. Punk. He was also angry at Punk for being in a porno with his wife. They won the WWE Tag Team Championship in the kick-off match but Swagger ended up turning on Mahal at Extreme Rules, instead joining the Crew with Drew McIntyre. Joey Styles named him the "Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal Real American", the greatest ECW champion of our time. Was involved in a #1 contender's triple threat at Payback when the feed was cut, leading to all three men becoming contenders. Now a former world champion after beating Ryback for the BIG GOLD and renaming it the "BIG AMERICA", before losing it to Bret Hart. He lost the title before his customized title could be created. One third of the #1 contenders for the 3MB Championships
Jake "The Snake" Roberts A member of the Snaketion of Domination. Debut at Money in the Bank during the Super Money in the Bank ladder match, helping leader Stone Cold Steve Austin win.
JBL Lost a fatal four-way HIAC match at Wrestlemania XXX, unable to secure the IC title. He was thought to be racist to the returning Eddie Guerrero during the bout. Came back at Payback, hoping to be the special guest referee of a #1 contendership match. He was arrested on the scene and brought in for questioning due to the feed being cut out. Soon returned to his "Lionheart" John BL persona in a bid to become the InterJohntinental Champion. Challenged for the BIG SPLITTY WIG at Summerslam, but came up short.
Jinder Mahal

Was once teaming with Jack Swagger as the "Bollywood Blondes" until Swagger and McIntyre formed the Crew at Extreme Rules. Joey Styles seems to think he created the Beautiful People and dedicated his match at Wrestlemania to his brother, Taj. Married to the famous "Great Khali's sister". Retained the titles in a ladder match against the Cousin-ManChus with new partner Syxx as One Night in Bollywood. Finally lost the Tag titles at Battleground to D-Mex after his success finally got to his head. Rumored to have fallen into a drug induced depression following the loss of his title.

John Cena Was a part of Wrestlemania's Streak match, along with Undertaker, Wade Barrett, and R-Truth. Barrett demanded Cena to get him a "glass of wahta" pre-match. To combat the alliance of Truth and Taker, he and Barrett formed the "Ministry of Water". Teased joining the Ministry of Darkness during the match whilst rebelling against his former master, Wade Barrett. The two helped Taker win the match and go 22-0 after Truth turned on the Deadman. Pronounced "Si-na" at Extreme Rules, while trying to white-knight Debra. He failed to win the Mexican Championship and defend her. Lasted to the final three in the Chamber at Payback for the vacant IC title.
Justin Gabriel Was an original member of the LwO, winning the 2014 Royal Rumble. He lost in a fatal four-way at Wrestlemania for Zack Ryder's WWE Championship - it was supposed to be just a singles match. He abandoned the stable by Extreme Rules, where he defied gravity and became a pole dancer, also breaking plenty of tables without losing. Returned to the ring at Summerslam, finally claiming his push by winning the Debra Unappreciates Mexicans Championship, giving him control over Debra. He would then lose the belt in a unification match with the InterJohntinental Championship at Night of Championships. Quit the company after Mr. McMahon and the nWo took over the company and merged the 2K universes.
Kane Formed the short-lived tag team of "HartBurn" with Bret Hart. The two lost to the Band for contendership at WM XXX. Recovered from his heartburn and returned at Battleground. Is in a blood feud with Randy Orton because Orton shit in his mask by accident.
"King Of Scoop Slam Style" King Kong Bundy "The Walking Condiment". Star of the direct-to-DVD movie "Christmas Bundy". Famed master of the bodyslam. Made his debut on the Money in The Bank pre-show, where his bodyslam allowed his tag partner Bret Hart to pin Jack Swagger & win the BIG SHITTY CANADA. Caused Hennig to shit the bed at Battleground, leading to his removal from the nWo. So, in short, Bundy ruins everything.
Kofi Kingston

Debuted on Day 2 of Payback in a triple threat #1 contender's match for Ryback's "BIG GOLD." The referee, Cotton-Eye Joe Hennig, recruited Kofi mid-match to reform the nWo, renaming it the New West Ofrica. Mid-match, the feed was cut for the second time in Payback's run, and people have been led to believe that a third member of the nWo was the one who cut the feed. Was brought into questioning for the first cut, but was released because he's simply "too happy a Jamaican man" to do such a thing. Because of this, all 3 men were put into a match for the belt at Day 3. After failing to win the belt, Kingston and Hennig were banned from the Money in the Bank arena.

Mark Henry


Replaced "Cotton Eye" Joe Hennig in the new West ofrica at Battleground, where he won the BIG SHITTY CANADA and renamed it THE BIG SPLITTY WIG. Became the first person to actually retain the world title, doing so in a four way TLC match at Summerslam. Defended against Steve Austin and Sin Cara in the Triple Threat match for ALL THE MARBLES at Night of Champions. The match went to a no contest due to the merger of the 2K universes.

Mick Foley Sgt. Slaughter's replacement partner at Night of Champions after Bret Hart was DQed and fired. Slaughter was then removed from the match for causing another DQ. Foley and Bryan lost the restarted match.
The Miz 3MB Champion

Son of John Big John Studd. Risked his moneymaker in an attempt to become the D.U.M.B champion. He failed. Risked it again in a bid to win the BIG SPLITTY WIG! He still failed. Formed the New Age Banditos with Brodus Clay and joined D-Mex, winning the 3MB Championship at Night of Champions.

Pap E. Shango The former Big E. Langston. Debut on Payback Day 3: Tokyo as a referee. Fucked around the entire match and used voodoo to fuck up spots. Made his in-ring debut at Money in the Bank, teaming with BIG AMERICA champion Jack Swagger in a losing effort to Bret Hart (who won the title in the match) and King Kong Bundy following a million body slams. Is possibly responsible for the ressurection of The Great Khali. Attempted to win "Dem Cakes", but lost to Ric Flair.
Randy Orton

Member of the Snaketion of Domination. Unified the Mexican & Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championships at Battleground to form the D.U.M.B Championship in his debut match. In a blood feud with Kane for accidentally shitting in his mask. Lost the D.U.M.B to Justin Gabriel at Summerslam. Rumored to have been murdered after the show by The Great Khali.

Randy Savage Debuted at Extreme Rules as a part of the team Metal Madness with Jerry Lynn's son, Seth Rollynns as a replacement for Kaitlynn. The 2 defeated The Los Caronies (Sheamus/Cesaro) in a Hell in a Cell match. After teaming with The Bikertaker at Money in the Bank, Savage referee'd the Gravy Bowl Championship match at Summerslam, marrying the winner, Natalya, post match. Weirdly enough, all of Savage's matches (both competing and not) have been inside Hell in a Cell... that's scary.
Rey Mysterio Every appearance he's had have been in title matches, which he lost due to HIS LEFT KNEE breaking.
Ric Flair Lost in a fatal four-way match at WrestleMania for the Intercontinental Championship, in which he paid homage by wearing Owen Hart's blazer. Won "Dem Cakes" at Summerslam, allowing him to bake cakes for a full year.
Ricky Steamboat Debuted and lost the fatal four-way match for the IC title at WrestleMania, where he became known as "The Shitty Charizard.". Challenged and failed to win THE BIG SHITTY CANADA 
The Rock

WWE Tag Team Champion

Hollywood superstar The Rock debut at Money in the Bank, teaming with The Big Show to win the Hell in a Cell Tag Title Money in the Bank match. They can cash in at any time... they even might have already cashed in. *spooky music* And they did, at Summerslam, defeating the new West ofrica's Hulk Hogan and CM Punk to win the titles. Is also one of the three #1 contenders for the 3MB Championship. Invented time travel alongside The Big Show at Summerslam. Retained the Tag Team titles after two restarted matches and three different teams at Night of Champions. BWAMP BWAMP

Roman Reigns With The Shield disbanded, Roman Reigns took on and defeated Ambrose and Oldlegacyinc by himself at Payback. Likes Samoan drops. Came back for Day 3 in a losing effort, taking the place of Cody Rhodes as the partner of Yokozuna (the Cousin-ManChus). Still wears Shield garb because he won't leave the memories alone.
R-Truth Originally a member of The Ministry of Darkness with Undertaker, he is now just "The Darkness" after being double crossed at WrestleMania XXX. Defeated at Extreme Rules by Sin Cara thanks to Damien Sandow. His catchphrase is now "Are you afraid of the dark?". It's the right time for him to get dark and turn the lights off.

The Big Guy! Debuted in the main event of Extreme Rules, winning the Undisputed WWE Championship due to Virgil being a shoot retard. He apparently beat Skip Sheffield to qualify. Renamed it THE BIG GOLD before losing the title in the kickoff show to Money in the Bank.

Santino Marella A member of The Snaketion of Domination. Briefly part of the Carabinet as Sin Cara's enforcer. Rejoined the Snaketion during the match after having enough of Sin Cara's shit. Was then seen talking to Sin Cara and Lillian Garcia on Raw a few weeks later, but nothing came of it. Challenged for the InterJohntinental Championship at Summerslam, but John Scott Hall won it instead. Stone Cold put his position in jeopardy for no reason at Night of Champions in a Loser Leaves Their Stable match. He kept his place after Hulk Hogan was pinned instead.
Scott Hall You don't know who he is....and...uh... 

He's curious as to what exactly the survey says. Finds himself constantly looking for his sleeves and protecting his "drinking knee". He's "just too drink". Formed the Band with Drew McIntyre at WM XXX, where they won contendership to the tag titles. Drew turned on him at Extreme Rules to be in the Crew with Jack Swagger. Formerly of the Wolfpack, he is now alone in the Band. At Payback, he won the Elimination Chamber match for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. Had to vacate the Intercontinental Championship due to death, though he may have just been drunk and fell asleep. Regardless, he came back at Summerslam, where he regained the title (which was renamed to the InterJohntinental Championship the month prior) and became John Scott Hall. Lost the title and his John to Fandango in a unification match with the DUMB Championship at Night of Champions.

Scott Steiner

Debuted at Extreme Rules, becoming the first ever Mexican Champion while also earning the right to beat (or in his case, fuck) Debra. Has yet to cash in that opportunity, but he could on an upcoming Raw. Has retained his Mexican Championship multiple times over the past few months, making him the winningest Champion in WWE. Would lose the title after being forced to defend in a 6 man title unification match. He was too coked up to care.

Seth Rollynns Member of the prestigious Lynn Family. One third of Death Metal Madness alongside Macho Man Randy Savage and The Bikertaker. Sin Cara sent Los Caronies after him for stealing the Miss Madness role. He might have won it in a tournament, replacing Kaitlynn. Is one half of Randy Savage's wives, along with Natalya.
Sgt. Slaughter Given the US Championship by former Shield member Dean Ambrose and immediately renamed it the "Iraqi Championship" before losing the title to Steve Austin at WrestleMania XXX. Unable to win the Elimination Chamber IC title match at Payback. Teamed up with Bret Hart to challenge for the Tag Team titles at Night of Champions. After Hart was DQed and fired, Mick Foley replaced him. Slaughter then was removed from the match himself after causing another DQ.
Shawn Michaels

After losing an Intercontinental title match at Extreme Rules, Shawn entered a homosexual relationship with Vince McMahon after nearly 20 years of pent up sexual frustration. The relationship ended at Payback. He was only Vince's boy toy. Also sometimes referred to as the "Fartbreak Kid". After having a long talk with Goldberg, he became a born again jew. Formed D-Generation Mex with Alberto Del Rio and won the Tag Team titles at Battleground. Lost the titles at Summerslam to the new West ofrica.

Sheamus Formerly of the LWO, is now a full-fledged member of Los Caronies and The Carabinet alongside Antonio Cesaro.
Sin Cara Won the position of General Manager at WrestleMania XXX via DQ after Aksana turned on him and joined the Wolfpac. Has since created The Carabinet and likes to put his face all over the PPV arenas. Has a bit of a grudge against tables (due to a botched spot), hence the "WAIT A MINUTE!" match at Extreme Rules. Became the full owner of WWE after Vince McMahon lost millions of dollars. Lost control of WWE to Austin at Battleground. The identity of Sin Cara in unknown but it has been rumored to be Enzo Amore, Santino Marella, or Debra. However, Sin Cara booked Santino as his special enforcer at Money in the Bank. Fell down majorly following the loss of ownership, with him competing for "Dem Cakes" at Summerslam. Tried to win back the company and the BIG SPLITTY WIG in the Triple Threat match for ALL THE MARBLES at Night of Champions, putting his mask on the line. The match went to a no contest when Mr. McMahon and the nWo took control of the company and merged the 2K universes.
Steve Austin/K. Malik Shabazz Austin

Drank beer, raise some hell, beat Debra, won MITB, broke his neck, drank more beer, cashed in MITB, won Undispted WWE Championship and Million Dollar Chris Hero Batista Memorial Iraqi Championship, drank more beer, failed to beat Debra, vacated Undisputed Championship, formed the Snaketion of Domination of Debra, failed to win Mexican Championship, didn't get to Beat Debra, beat Sin Cara, arrested during Payback. OH HELL YEAH! Will not be held down by the white women, he's not using his slave name anymore. Tried to become the owner of WWE, but was screwed over by that PIECE OF TRASH Hulk Hogan and the New West Ofrica. Finally gained control of the company after defeating Sin Cara and Hulk Hogan in a triple threat match at Battleground. Sold the rights to Alberto Del Rio's name and made Santino defend his spot in the stable at Night of Champions. Decided to put his ownership on the line against Sin Cara and Mark Henry in a Triple Threat match for ALL THE MARBLES. The match went to a no contest, but Austin lost ownership due to Mr. McMahon and the nWo merged the 2K Universes and coerced Dario Culo.


One half of the former WWE Tag Team Champions alongside Jinder Mahal. Originally suspected of being a new West ofrica member due to wearing a shirt, but he only wore it because the One Night in Bollywood shirts hadn't been made yet. Has been rumored to have broken his asshole.

Ted DiBiase Competed in several vintage Wrestlemanias (in another canon), failing to win the WWF Championship at Wrestlemania IV. Maven assumed the gimmick as a Hall of Famer at Wrestlemania XXX, winning a Money in the Bank Legends match. He attempted a cash-in on Edge for the WWE Championship, but failed. During that match, he changed suits and beard in the vein of Ricardo Rodriguez. In 2014, he was revealed as a member of oldLegacyinc.
Tensai Refereed the Edge/Stone Cold double-title match at Wrestlemania XXX, attacking both men. He was fired immediately after the match. He was rehired months later by new owner Stone Cold Steve Austin, and became one of the three #1 contenders for the 3MB Championship.
Titus O'Neil Former manager for The Crew, specifically Drew McIntyre. Was fucking terrible at his job. Was going to compete for THE BIG SHITTY CANADA but he was removed from the match for sending big black dick pics to Steve Austin. Challenged for the spot of 3MB Championship #1 contender, but his team lost after Stone Cold picked the other team, possibly because Titus' barking was annoying him.
Triple H Debut at Wrestlemania XXX, managing Brock Lesnar before being buried by the New York Giants. Returned at Payback but was immediately arrested and taken in to questioning when the power was cut. Tried to join the nWo at Battleground, but shit the bed thanks to King Kong Bundy.
The Ultimate Warrior Made his return as the Ultimate Hall of Famer, and made an appearance as the Ultimate Referee. Cut several insane promos. His spirit lies within the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship. Came out of the ring to somewhat unsuccessfully challenge for the InterJohntinental Championship, which was won by one of his partners in the handicap match. He couldn't get back in the ring after this.
The Undertaker Forming the new Ministry of Darkness with R-Truth, Undertaker defended his streak in a fatal 4 way steel cage match. During the match, Truth turned on him. He joined forces with the Ministry of Watah - Wade Barrett and John Cena - and retained the streak. His streak turned into a glass of water itself, which he regrets. Successfully defended his leadership at Night of Champions by winning a Loser Leaves Their Stable match.
Vince McMahon Somehow lost full control of the company to Sin Cara. Formed a homosexual relationship with Shawn Michaels and tried to team with him at Payback against the Bro-ManChus. They lost and Shawn broke up with him, leaving him to cry on the mat. Only likes mastadons and apparently enjoyed Shawn's farts. Challenged for the Intercontinental Championship, only to be crossbodied by Seth Rollynns. Competed to become the first 3MB Champion, but proved to be shoot retarded (which is ironic, since Virgil was one of his partners) for pissing Dino off for not doing anything and was eliminated first. Appeared on the pre-show for Summerslam. He would then secretly team up with the nWo to merge the 2K Universes and take control of the WWE.
Virgil A former WWF Champion (in another canon) and a shoot retard. Was booked to win the Undisputed WWE Championship but was too retarded to set up or climb the ladder properly. This could also be attributed to him only being able to set up tables to sell his gimmicks. Qualified for the match at Payback by upsetting John Cena. Challenged for the Debra Unappreciates Mexicans Belt Championship at Summerslam, and nearly won by overcoming his shoot retardedness with ladders, but was screwed over by eventual winner Justin Gabriel.
Wade Barrett A member of the Ministry of Watah. Still owns John Cena and has him get glasses of watah. Delicious, absolutely delicious. Alligned himself with The Undertaker to help him retain the streak.
Yokozuna Returned from the dead at Extreme Rules and won the Intercontinental Championship in questionable fashion, alligning himself with The Carabinet. Was kicked out of The Carabinet shortly after, stripped of the title, and was declared dead via all of the Mexican food in catering. Appeared at Payback anyway and formed a tag team with Cody Rhodes. It might just be smoke and mirrors, though. His belly makes Johnny laugh.
Zack Ryder Won the Undisputed WWE Championship and retained against John Cena at Elimination Chamber, but lost the title to Edge at Wrestlemania XXX. It's assumed Bradley Cooper took his place as they look very much alike. Went back to jobbing on Superstars.

Divas Roster:Edit

Diva name Notes
Aksana One half of I Fart You alongside Natalya and a member of the Wolfpac. Won the Diva's Championship from AJ at Wrestlemania. She also caused Sin Cara to win the General Manager position by DQ. Retained her title at Extreme Rules in a steel cage match and reformed I Fart You at the same time. At Payback she lost the belt to Natalya, hinting at dissension between the two.
AJ OhnBigJohnStudd

Debut at Wrestlemania XXX as the Diva's Champion, losing the belt at the event to Aksana. Strangely enough she hasn't envoked her rematch clause or made an appearance since. Returned at Money in the Bank to win back the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship ring. Vacated the title after she took her BALLS? and went home.

Brie Bella Debut at Money in the Bank. COMEON NIKKKKEEEEEEE!!! Unsuccessfully challenged for the Gravy Bowl at Night of Champions.
Debra Entered the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania XXX whilst disguised as the late Curt Hennig in a failed attempt to screw Steve Austin out of the win. Was set to have sex with Scott Steiner at some point. Is now at the mercy of the Snaketion of Domination.

Diva's Hall of Fame Championship

Jerry Lynn's daughter and Seth Rollynns' sister. Made her debut at Payback, putting her career on the line in an effort to win the Diva's Championship. She lost. Came back for a 3rd time at Battleground, successfully winning the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship for the first time. She retained the title at Summerslam, but retired immedately after the match, taking the championship with her.

Layla Appeared at Wrestlemania XXX in the Diva's Championship match. Didn't compete again until Summerslam, where she failed to become the first Gravy Bowl Champion. She got another shot at Night of Champions... and lost again.
Lita Debut at Payback, losing her Hall of Fame spot to Natalya in a battle royale with Aksana's Diva's Championship and Kaitlynn's career also on the line. She was also supposed to compete at Wrestlemania XXX as Road Warrior CAWK, but was removed from the match at the last second. Challeneged for the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship Ring at Summerslam, but lost to champion Kaitlynn.

Gravy Bowl Champion

Competed for the Diva's Championship at Wrestlemania and lost. Competed for the Diva's Championship at Extreme Rules and lost, but reformed I Fart You at the same time. Competed for the Diva's Championship, Lita's Hall of Fame spot, and Kaitlynn's career at Payback... AND WON! Defended at Money in the Bank in another battle royale, and lost... also lost her painting. Challenged for the Diva's title again at Battleground, but the match was thrown out after AJ left. She stopped farting and competed at Summerslam in a match to decide the first ever Gravy Bowl Champion, and she won. Who the fuck keeps giving her title shots? Retained the title at Night of Champions.

Nike Bella Sister of Brie Bella. She was strapped for cash so she took on a Nike sponsorship. COMEON BRIIIIEEE! Unsuccessfully challenged for the Gravy Bowl at Night of Champions.
Stephanie McMahon Debut at Extreme Rules in a steel cage match for the Diva's Championship in a losing effort to Aksana. Competed against those BITCHES at Summerslam for the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship Ring but lost to Kaitlynn, despite being that damn good.
Summer Rae Like a cool Summer's breeze, debut at Battleground in two diva's matches (one of which was thrown out). Could not win the Diva's Hall of Fame Championship. What a nerd. Competed to become the first Gravy Bowl Champion, but lost to Natalya.

Stables and Tag Teams:Edit

Team Name Members
3MB/Jew Blackintyre Drew McIntyre, Goldberg, & Darren Young
ATTEN-HART/Iraq and Sock Connection/Lock and Sock Connection Bret Hart and Sgt. Slaughter, Sgt. Slaughter and Mick Foley, Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan
The Band Scott Hall
The Bro-ManChus Cody Rhodes & Yokozuna (Alternate: Roman Reigns)
The Carabinet Sin Cara, Damien Sandow, & The Los Caronies
Death Metal Madness Seth Rollynns, Randy Savage & Bikertaker
D-Generation Mex Shawn Michaels, Alberto Del Rio, and the New Age Banditos (w /Myxico)
It Doesn't Matter What Their Name is The Rock & Big Show
The Full Blooded Natalians Natalia and two other Natalians
Latino Heath Eddie Guerrero & Heath Slater
The Los Caronies

Sheamus & Antonio Cesaro

The Ministry of Watah Undertaker, John Cena, & Wade Barrett
The New Age Banditos The Miz and Brodus Clay
nWbo (new West bolivia) Bo Dallas
nWo (new West ofrica) Mr. McMahon, Stardust, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, & Paul Heyman
Old Legacy Inc Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes, John Big John Studd, & Ambrose
One Night in Bollywood Jinder Mahal & Syxx
The OutSIDers 22 guys, including Kevin Nash
Perfect Buns Joe Hennig, King Kong Bundy, & Triple H
The Snaketion of Domination of Debra K. Malik Shabazz Austin, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "The Viper" Randy Orton, Santino Marella, The Great Khali, & Vic Venom

Other Personnel:Edit

Name Notes
Charles Throbinson Senior (and only) referee
Howard Finkel Attendance announcer
Jerry Lawler Color commentator
Joey Styles Host of Barely Legal XXX... wait
Justin Roberts Ring announcer
Michael Cole Play-by-play commentator
Paul Heyman Manager for his Paul Heyman Guys, advocate for the new West ofrica
Paul Peanut Abs 2 He's there in spirit
Prince Nana Unconfirmed funder of West Ofrican operations
Ricardo Rodriguez Personal ring announcer and manager of D-Generation Mex
Vince Russo/Vic Venom Co-head booker, member of The Snaketion of Domination of Debra
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