Inductees will be announced monthly(4 per month). This page is for nL's own characters the other ones on this page are for members of the group/friends of the group and keep in mind they don't have to be CAW's to get on this list they just needed nL's attention. Of course though only characters talked of by nL or used in games are counted not bullshit CAW's made and put on their community creations tag.

September 2014 class...

  • Charlie Haas(Smackdown HTCP)
  • Christopher Notwinski(Raw 2)
  • Jillberg(multiple appearances)
  • Fat naked Asian man(saints row 2)

October 2014 class...

  • Daddy Wiggles (still active)
  • Dr.Hobo (Smackdown vs. Raw 2011)
  • Sheamoose (Smackdown v. Raw 2011)
  • Freddie Guerrero (Smackdown vs. Raw 2009)

November 2014 class.....(stables only)

  • New West Ofrica
  • Snaketion of Domination (of Debra)
  • Bipolar Shield
  • Carabinet

December 2014 class.....

  • Husky Blackstuff(wwe 2k15)
  • Vince Russo(swerve!)
  • Matthew Grey(ECW's future)(hmmmmm...)
  • Midgets(in general)

January 2015 class.....(all from svr 2011)

  • Uncle Chester
  • Christmas Benoit
  • Paul bear
  • Bepis

February 2015 class.......

  • Candytaker
  • Blactus Black
  • Van-Van Dam
  • A fucking bear