Old Legacy Inc (oL for short) is a stable and drug cartel in nL's WWE. The stable consists of Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes, John Big John Studd (father of The Miz), and Ambrose. Hulk Hogan was also a member of Old Legacy Inc, but left the group after the infamous swerve of Money In The Bank.

History prior to WWEEdit

They did a shit load of drugs. That's about it.

History within WWEEdit

After doing even more drugs, Old Legacy Inc debut at Extreme Rules with Ted DiBiase, Dusty Rhodes and Big John Studd defeated CM Punk in a handicap match, causing Punk to take a leave of absence to watch The Walking Dead. On the first day of Payback, Hulk Hogan and former Iraqi Shield member Dean Ambrose (now renamed Ambrose because someone named Dean doesn't sound strong) joined Old Legacy Inc, facing Roman Reigns in another handicap match. At the end of the match Hogan lost his shit and beat up referee Charles Throbinson, who owed Old Legacy Inc drug money, causing Roman to win by disqualification. Hogan soon left the group to join the new West ofrica at Money in the Bank. Dusty unsuccessfully competed for Super Money in the Bank.

At Battleground, Old Legacy Inc finally brought in some gold as Big John Studd defeated John BL, John Cena and Diesel to become the InterJohntinental Champion, changing his name to John Big John Studd as per the rules of the InterJohntinental Championship. Dusty tried to do the same for the BIG SHITTY CANADA, but ultimately lost to new West ofrica member Mark Henry after failing to break up the pin despite being right next to him, and despite the ref counting slowly in an attempt to keep the title out of the nWo's grasp. Between Battleground and Summerslam, John Big John Stud lost both his legs in a drug deal gone terribly wrong. After recieving prosthetic legs (possibly made out of hardened, painted cocaine) Studd lost the InterJohntinental Championship in a three on one handicap match against Scott Hall, Ultimate Warrior, and Snaketion member Santino Marella, with Hall pinning Studd to become champion. This led to Studd losing both the Johns in his name, becoming Big Studd in the process.

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit