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Old Man Jenkins (stylized as O.M.G.!) is a Professional wrestler currently competing in WWE.

Origins Edit

Created in 2K18 by Johnny, with help from Slip, Adam and Dino, Old Man Jenkins joins an illustrious lineage of other nL greats such as BEPIS, Jesus Dondelinger, "Stick E. Sundae" Carl Mills and so forth. However, this character differs as Johnny said he wanted this one to have more depth to his character, as opposed to just looking disfigured and weird. That being said, this one is still pretty messed up.

Stats Edit

Hometown: The Garden of Eden

Height: 6ft

Weight: 241lbs

Finishers: Wheel Of Fortune (Triple Rolling Butterfly Suplex), Old Boy (Wadeslam + Senton Combination)

Signature Moves: Release German Suplex, Overhead Belly to Belly, Cold Stones (Stunner on middle rope)

Background and Information Edit

Hailing from The Garden of Eden, Old Man Jenkins is a Heavyweight Strong Style Wrestler. He is a veteran (i.e VERY OLD) of wrestling having competed around the world in Death-matches and Backyard Wrestling. He has scarring on his face and broken vessels in his eye due to the years of daily violence he suffered from his ex-wife, but he did cheat on her constantly so don't feel too sorry for him. Eventually she left him due to his obsession with stripes. He is believed to have gone through a severe midlife crisis, as evidenced by his hair style. He is reportedly a war veteran however the nature of his service is unclear. He boxed in the Navy, but may have served in the Army. He is sponsored by Ribera Steakhouse, wears a Jacket with Ribera's logo during his entrance and was even branded on his right inner thigh by them.

Jenkins' style of wrestling is built around his refusal to bump, and his moves are ones that don't require him to land on his back. Unfortunately, age and senility have set in. He seems confused when he wins and is known to greet people by asking them "Where am I? Who are you? Where is the bathroom? Are you Cold Stones? My wife left me."

WWE Career Edit

Road to Glory Mode Edit

On 14th October 2017, Old Man Jenkins debuted on WWE Main Event and began his qualification for TLC. After a series of Ladder matches, Jenkins successfully qualified for TLC.

Before TLC, Old Man Jenkins competed on 205 Live (even though he's a heavyweight) in a series of Backstage Brawls during which he used shady tactics to win. After one such match he presented an episode of Cribs! The episode ended abruptly when Jenkins was going to show something he could do on top of his car but unfortunately it wasn't his car (IRL Johnny's opponent De-synced and Johnny was able to mess around in the backstage area until the game broke due to an error. In the error report he cited the reason as "It wasnt my car"). After completing a series of challenges at TLC, Jenkins defeated The Miz in the main event.

Match List:Edit

# Opponent Win or Lose? Gimmick Star Rating Notes
1 Sam King Win TLC ★★★★ Sam King famously wore the "Johnny Fears Toilets" shirt
2 Brian Black Lose TLC ★★★½
3 Brian Black Win TLC ★★★★
4 Aiden Holloway Win TLC ★★★ The first match where Old Man Jenkins wins via the opponent leaving
5 Aiden Holloway Win TLC ★★
6 Torti Win TLC ★★★★ This match allowed Old Man Jenkins to qualify for the TLC PPV
7 Damian Austin Lose Ladder ★★★½
8 Jerron Win Ladder ★★★★
9 Reverse Leg Sweep Win Ladder ★★★½
10 David Rage Lose Ladder ★★★
11 Gold Win Ladder ★★★
12 Captain Puerto Rico Lose Ladder ★★★★½
13 Superstar Win Ladder ★★★½
14 David Rage Win Ladder ★★★
15 Lenny Shape Win Ladder ★★★★½
16 David Rage Win Ladder ★★★★ The rubber match
17 Isaiah King Win Backstage Brawl ★★★★
18 Tizzo Supreme Win Backstage Brawl ★★★ The famous "Cribs" match
19 The Real Deal Ryan Draw Normal ★★ First TLC PPV match
20 Ofir Win Normal ★★★½ This match allowed Old Man Jenkins to qualify for the PPV main event
21 The Miz Win TLC ★★★½ Old Man Jenkins won a crazy cool mask
22 Eddie Rhodes Win Normal ✰✰✰✰✰ Eddie left seemingly due to Johnny doing the voice. Johnny also hit his nose with his mic pre-match.
23 Lord Lose Normal ★½
24 Austin Wolf Win Normal ★★★
25 Angelo Win Normal ★★★★★ The first five star classic
26 Sam King Win Normal ★★★★★ Tonight Sam King wore a Sting/Float Over DDT shirt.
27 Johnny Black Win Normal ★★★½
28 Hitman Win Hell in a Cell ★½ It's just Bret Hart.
29 Scott Hall Win Hell in a Cell ★★★★★
30 Elijah King Lose Hell in a Cell ★★★★½
31 Steven Smith Win Hell in a Cell ★★★★
32 Chainsaw Win Hell in a Cell ★★★★★
33 Mohammed Lose Hell in a Cell ★★★½
34 Angel 0 Win Hell in a Cell ★★★★★
35 Francesco Lose Hell in a Cell ★★★★★ This was the tutorial
36 The Great Bali


15 Minute Ironman ★★★★★ Final score: 1-0
37 Brutus Funderburk Lose 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★

Final score: 1-2

38 Buck Akey Draw 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★½ Final score: 0-0
39 Seize Bannon Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★½ Final score: 4-1
40 Elijah King Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★½ Final score: 3-0
41 Boone Kamron Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★½ Final score: 2-0
42 Joey McCarty Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★½ Final score: 4-0
43 Bryan Bonnell Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★ Final score: 3-0
44 Trevor Black Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★½ Final score: 1-0
45 David Rage Draw 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★½ Final score: 0-0
46 Justin Bella Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★ Final score: 2-1
47 Alabaster Disaster Win 15 Minute Ironman ★★★★½

Final score: 2-1

This match allowed OMJ to qualify for the Survivor Series PPV

48 Ivan Win Normal ★½ First Survivor Series PPV match
49 Jay Omega Win Normal ✰✰✰✰✰ Dude left immediately
50 Samuel Lose Normal ★★★ This match allowed OMJ to qualify for the PPV Kick-Off
51 Enzo Amore Lose Normal ★★
52 Enzo Amore Win Normal ★★★½ With this win, OMJ won... the same mask from TLC.
53 Enzo Amore Lose Normal ✰✰✰✰✰ Johnny fucked up by entering this match and forfeited.
54 Macho Rodriguez Lose Normal ★★½
55 Enzo Amore Lose Normal ✰✰✰✰✰ Johnny entered the match accidentally again.
56 Chainsaw Win Normal ★★★★ This match allowed OMJ to qualify for the PPV midcard match.
57 Baron Corbin Win Normal ★★★★ With this win, OMJ won the snake headgear. Hiss hiss, snek snek.
58 Bobby Black Win Normal He left.
59 Bobby Black Win Normal ✰✰✰✰✰ HE LEFT AGAIN! THE COWARD!
60 Trevor Black Win Normal ★★★½
61 Chris Wade Win Normal ★★★★½
62 Cassidy Christopher Lose Normal ★★★★★ This match allowed OMJ to qualify for the PPV Main Event
63 Brock Lesnar & AJ Styles Lose Triple Threat ★★★½

Brock Lesnar won.

During this match the audio broke, resulting in hilarity.

These notes courtesy of NODQ *points* daht cahm

64 Brock Lesnar & AJ Styles Win Triple Threat ★★★★★ With this win, OMJ won the wolf headgear.
65 Enzo Amore Win Normal ★★½ This time it was done just so he could top off XP

Career Mode Edit

Coming soon... maybe... we'll see (Hopefully, but probably not)



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