PAWG (Abbriviation of anything you want it to be) is a promotion created by nL in Fire Pro Wrestling World. The company was created on January 1st, 2019.


PAWG Hebbyqu ChampionshipEdit

# Champion Reign Date Won Event Notes
1 Bison Plumtree 1 January 1st, 2019 PAWG Show 1 This was a fatal 4 way


Show 1Edit

# Match Stipulation Notes

Phineas I. Godwinn def. Kendall Windham, Curt Hennig and Tyler Bate

Elimination Submission match

Tyler Bate submit to an Armbar


Kendall Windham submit to being choked

2 Sgt. AWOL def. Faarooq Singles match; 15 minute time limit AWOL pinned Faarooq off a rainmaker in 5:03
3 Jerry Lynn and Kama Mustafa went to a time limit draw Singles match; 15 minute time limit Time limit draw
4 R.I.S.E (Konnor & Wrath) def. The New Too Cool (Akira Tozawa & Brian Christopher) Tag Team Match; 20 minute time limit Wrath submit Toazwa to a chin lock in 13:26
5 Evan Karagias & Ted DiBiase def. Thrasher & Bray Wyatt Tag Team Landmine Deathmatch DiBiase submit Thrasher to an armbar in 12:46
6 Kofi Kingston def. Shane McMahon, The Barbarian and Diamond Dalas Page Fatal 4 Way

DDP pinned via Trouble in Paradise at 11:00

Shane pinned via top rope splash at 13:05

Barbarian pinned via jab at 20:21

7 Rick Martel and El Desperado went to a time limit draw Cage Deathmatch; 15 minute time limit Time limit draw
Main Event Bison Smith def. Mortimer Plumtree, Colt Cabana and Adam Cole Fatal 4 Way for the PAWG Hebbyqu Championship; 60 minute time limit

Bison pinned Plumtree in 11:20 to become the inaugural champion

Colt Cabana pinned Bison and Plumtree after the match. WHO IS THE REAL CHAMPION?