Payback: The Swervening (Paguen a: El Swerve) was the 1st annual virtual Payback professional
wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by WWE and newLEGACYinc that was held over 3 days on Feb 13 (Day 1) and 14 (Day 2, taped on Feb 13), 2014 in Japan. Day 3 has been pushed back to an unannounced date due to Dino being deported from Japan back to Mexico.

Sponsorship: Kids Bop, Colt 45.

The commentary team: Johnny, Dino, Jericho, Duel, & Htial (a man of few words). Also featuring Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler, both repeating the same shitty canned lines in the background.

Special Celebrity Guest: Charles Barkley. He literally trended worldwide on Twitter, not sure if it's a coincidence or not.

RIP Yokozuna (the tribute show).

Backstage Interviewers: Renee Old

NL Payback Themesong

NL Payback Themesong

At mid-show, the feed was reportedly cut by JBL, who was to be a special guest referee. He was arrested on the scene and brought in for questioning. It was later revealed that the newWestofrica stable of "Cotton-Eye" Joe Hennig, Kofi Kingston, and an unidentified third man were the culprits.

The arena for Day 3 was hand built by the nL fans. The arena itself is said to be equal to, if not greater than the Tokyo Dome. After months of waiting (due to a dispute between Dino which caused him to walk out of the group), the third part of the show was to occur on the night of May 18.

Match Card Day 1: HiroshimaEdit

No Result Stipulation Notes
Kick-off Roman Reigns def. Old Legacy Inc. ('The Million Dollar Dean' Ambrose, Hulk Hogan, & Ted DiBiase) by DQ
  • One on Three Tag Handicap Match
  • Dean Ambrose recently joined OldLegacyInc.
  • Roman Reigns is in denial about the death of The Shield.
  • Dean Ambrose's new name is "The Million Dollar Dean" Ambrose.
  • Hogan does not give a fuck about the rules.
  • Hogan beat up Robinson because he owed him drug money.
  • Old Legacy Inc is too drugged up to compete in a match as a unit, thus causing them to go ape shit and get DQ'd.
1 Scott Hall def. John Cena, The Giant, Dolph Ziggler, Sgt. Slaughter, Goldberg
  • Booked because the fans were able to retweet the event 100 times.
  • Booked due to the death of Yokozuna, who had to vacate the title.
  • Everyone qualified for the Chamber after beating Debra.
  • John Cena picked up The Giant.
  • Hall is so drunk that his wife left him.
  • Hall brings gold to the Band (just him).
  • Goldberg has Barbara Streisand's nose.
2 The Bro-ManChus (Yokozuna & Cody Rhodes) def. Vince McMahon & "The Fart Breakwind"cShawn Michaels w/Special Referee Heath Salad
  • Tag Team Elimination Match w/Special Guest Referee
  • Contendership for Jinder's tag titles 
  • Cody Rhodes brought Yokozuna back from the dead.
  • Yokozuna could just be smoke and mirrors though.
  • Heath Salad was rumored to be Charles Barkley, but that would just be turrible.
  • It's McMahon & Michaels' Valentine's Day match with each other.
  • Vince & Shawn both came out gay, after snorting some coke backstage.
  • Michaels broke up with Vince
3 Natalya def. Aksana (c), Lita, Kaitlynn 
  • Four Woman Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal for the Diva's Championship, Lita's Hall of Fame spot, Kaitlynn's career, and Natalya's farting
  • Team "I Fart You" competed in this match together.
  • Lita would either win the Diva's title or give up her Hall of Fame spot.
  • Aksana represented the Wolfpac, which may or may not be disbanded.
  • Kaitlynn is putting her career on the line.
  • Natalya is giving up her farting for a year if she loses. Somehow, she is back in the title picture again.
  • Natalya is now in the Hall of Fame after eliminating Lita.
  • The Divas Championship and the Hall of Fame has been unified.
4 Never happened moved to Day 2
  • Triple Threat Match w/Special Guest referee
  • Contendership for THE BIG GOLD Title
  • Triple Threat involving Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kofi Kingston with JBL as the Special Guest Referee
  • JBL allegedly cut the power before the match, shutting down the feed.

Match Card Day 2: OsakaEdit

No Result Stipulation Notes

"The Intellectual Savior of Dem Asses" Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston vs Jack Swagger went to a No Contest

  • Triple Threat Match w/Special Guest Referee "Cotton Eye" Joe Hennig
  • a #1 Contender Match for THE BIG Gold Title
  • This match resumed on Day 2 of Payback.
  • Triple H, JBL, & Austin were taken in for questioning. Kofi was allowed back because he's "too nice a Jamaican man to do such a thing."
  • The NWO may be a brain washing cult.
  • The New West Ofrica - Cotton Eye Joe Hennig & Kofi Kingston - was formed as Hennig attacked Jack Swagger and Damien Sandow.
  • This time, it was the nWo who allegedly cut the feed, but both Hennig and Kingston were in the ring at the time, leading to speculation of a mystery third member of the nWo.
  • Day 2 turned out to be about 15 minutes due to the New West Ofrica.
  • Day 3 will be held in Tokyo.
  • All three men advance to the main event against Ryback.

Match Card Day 3: TokyoEdit

No Result Stipulation Notes
1 One Night in Bollywood (Jinder Mahal & Syxx-Pac) (c) def. RoManChus (Roman Reigns & Yokozuna)
  • It took 3 months for Jinder to find his partner, hence the delay.
  • Cody got jumped before the show. Roman has a moustache and they're relatives, it's okay.
  • Syxx was wearing a suspicious newWestofrica shirt.... hmmm
  • Yokozuna may have been dead; he was thought to be Kane for wearing red and black.
  • Jinder threw up the Wolfpac sign at the end.
2 Scott Steiner (c) def. Brock Lesnar and Ricky "The Shitty Charizard" Steamboat w/ Special Referee Big E Langston (Pap E Shango)
  • Copious amounts of cocaine is coming from Big E. He's a young lion referee who must pay his dues. He could possibly count to 5.
  • Brock's return after losing to Sin Cara, coming back younger losing a tattoo, and growing a goatee.
  • Steiner was thought to be a member of the new West ofrica, but just turned out to be a fan of them rather than a member.
  • Just how many boats are in this match? We don't know, Blake.
  • This is a hoss match, and the Dreamboat's the biggest hoss of all.
  • Pap E Shango is doing some voodoo shit.
  • Axshiiboomba from Steiner!
  • Pap E Shango has been fired.
  • Steiner wins with the Steinerline; Lesnar screwed with the rope break.

Jack Swagger def. "Intellectual Savior of Dem Asses" Damien Sandow, "The WildBlack" Kofi Kingston & "The BIG Guy" Ryback (c)

  • Due to the feed being cut, the three contenders advanced to the main-event. It is unknown who the third man of the nWo is along with Kofi Kingston and "Cotton-Eye" Joe Hennig.
  • Sandow is representing Sin Cara and the Carabinet. The GM has graciously allowed him to main-event.
  • Kofi is representing the newWestofrica, hoping the third man will be revealed.
  • Swagger represents the Crew after partner Jinder retains the tag titles. He's still stomping on the Mexican flag.
  • Kofi is being called the WildBlack by the nL Universe and is the architect of the nWo (Hennig is the fox).
  • Ryback is the lone wolf, nicknamed WildBack. Is he allied with the Band, Crew, or nWo?
  • Sandow is pissed that the newWestofrica is trying to take over Sin Cara's shows. 
  • Damien is christened as the Brainmaker (maybe).
  • Kofi has gone insane since joining the evil stable. He survived being put through tables multiple times. He hits the Paige Turner, hurting his twat in the process.
  • Swagger steals the BIG GOLD, dropping an elbow onto Sandow through a table - as Ryback superplexed Kofi!
  • The BIG GOLD is renamed the BIG AMERICA by new champion Swagger.
  • Dave Meltzer gave the match 5 stars, as it actually happened in the Tokyo Dome.

Elimination Chamber ResultsEdit

Entry Number Wrestler
1 John Cena
2 The Giant
3 Dolph Ziggler
4 Sgt. Slaughter
5 Goldberg
6 Scott Hall
# Elimination By
1 Dolph Ziggler John Cena
2 The Giant John Cena
3 Sgt. Slaughter Goldberg
4 John Cena Scott Hall
5 Goldberg Scott Hall