Ragu: Are you ready?

Johnny: Oh yeahhh.

Johnny: Should I not curse?

Ragu: I don't care.

*laughter insues*

Ragu: Okay, How did you get started streaming?

Johnny: Oh fuck. *more laughing* Sorry. I started watching, is really how I first got into it. I just started browsing around and like, finding other people that did it and I was like, oh I play video games and I would like to, you know, show them off to people. *laugh* So, I found out how to do it all, and I found a group of people with similar interests so I had people to do it with, and after a lot of money and nonsense and trying to figure out how to do it, that's... that's how I got into it.

Ragu: Where did you find people with similar interests? Was it like Reddit or something?

Johnny: It was uh, I went to a couple forums and message boards that was about the games I played, which was a lot of wrestling stuff. And it turns out they also played all the other games I did. So it was just finding people that like, you know, played the same stuff as me, and had an interest in doing nonsense with me.

Ragu: Alright, cool! I knew that but whatever.

Johnny: Oohu you're cool... *sarcastic laughing*

Ragu: Uuuuum, when did you start?

Johnny: Uh, I think it was 2010? or 2011. But we did stuff on YouTube for a year before we started streaming.

Ragu: So the past 6 or 7 years?

Johnny: Yeah I'd say six or seven.

Ragu: Awesome. So, the name "newLEGACYinc," where does it come from?

Johnny: *laughing* This is the nerdiest.

Johnny: So, in wrestling there was a group called Legacy, and when we started playing we created our own stable people in the game and called them New Legacy. And then we decided why not make it the name of our channel, because you gotta have a cool name, so how about this one, it's a cool name! And it just sounds cool. So it stuck.

Ragu: It's N-E-W right? or no?

Johnny: Yeah, Facebook just won't let us have our first name as "New" so we spelled it wrong.

Ragu: That sucks. When did you notice your streams were gaining popularity?

Johnny: Once I saw that we were getting more viewers that the other wrestling streams I was like, ohhhhhh... are we gonna get yelled at for this? *laughing* Orrrr are we all friends?

Ragu: Yeah. Can you think of one moment or stream where you were like, holy shit...

Johnny: Um, *more laughing* one specifically was one of the early midnight release streams we did ... I started doing those for wrestling games a year or 2 after we started. Back then 100 people were crazy to me, but now 1000 is crazy to me but like, we average about 700-1000. But our big events have gotten to 7000 before which is so crazy to me.

Ragu: Around how many subscribers do you have right now?

Johnny: Oh YouTube we have over 33k right now?

Ragu: Oh my god, that's... wow.


Johnny: And then on Hitbox we have somewhere between 7 or so.

Ragu: So how did you get a partnership?

Johnny: You know, it wasn't really something I was expecting, but it was more of a funny thing like, hey I'm gonna submit to be partnered and get paid for this guys, it's gonna be so funny. And then they were like, hey, we accept you. And I was like whoa, oh, hold on! I was like ah this is weird. *laughing* I'm just playing video games with my friends ... This is more powerful than I thought it would be.

Ragu: Right.

Johnny: Yeh.

Ragu: So it wasn't your purpose of streaming.

Johnny: Right! So, I don't have a schedule. We don't like schedule. A lot of other broadcasts schedule and that's better for them, and I like it. I'm sure our viewers would like that, but we're from all over. Like, I'm in Philadelphia, I got buddies in Australia, and England, a friend in Oklahoma, so we aren't really able to do it that way. From the beginning it's been, this is what I do with my friends and I just happen to record it. Which is still what it is now, and I think that's why people like us, we don't act like we have a business I guess. People can see when we're genuinly having fun. And when we have fun, the people have fun.

Ragu: Yeah!

Johnny: I know I took that somewhere else.

*more laughing*

Ragu: It's okay! So, you said you started with wrestling, when did you decide to play a more variety of games?

Johnny: I think it just came with having other people to play games with I guess. Wrestling was where we started, like, where I met them all, but it's like, you don't wanna play wrestling games all the time, so we dipped into like, GTA and Saints Row back when we started to play other stuff.

Ragu: What are some things you do on the streams? Like, explain what the marathons and charities are.

Johnny: So the big thing we do is a marathon for the Canadian cancer society. We had a friend, who had a friend that was a wrestler who died of cancer, so we started on their show every year to raise money just because it's something near and dear. So Blake became friends with them and then I did, so we thought it would be cool if we did a marathon as well on our half. We've been doing it for the past 2 years now. The past year we raised money for an Australian charity for depression and anxiety called Beyond Blue. And for a while before that we were a part of marathons, we didn't have our own. The past few years I've be trying to do more than just American ones because we have a lot of people that aren't just American viewers, so I'm trying to hit charities all over. You know, touch people or whatever.


Johnny: I'm not looking to actually touch people in a weird way. I don't think there's a charity that would have me do that. But um, stuff like the depression one got a bigger reaction that I thought it would. I knew depression and axiety was a big thing but the amount of donations and messages that came along with them were...

Ragu: Yeah, it's like, a huge thing...

Johnny: It was really, yeah, it was something. That was cool.

Ragu: So, how do you know what content to show your viewers, whether it's good or bad?

Johnny: I don't *laughing* I have no filter. I don't know I just throw stuff at the wall and see what they like. This is why our stuff is different from everyone else because some broadcasters ares tuck in one thin and we've kinda, as we've gone along, our viewers have been more accepting of new stuff. As long as we're having fun they don't care.

Ragu: Right.

Johnny: They're just along for it.

Ragu: We're along for the ride!

Johnny: Right! Yeah.

Ragu: *Yawns*

Johnny: What are you yawning during an interview Ragu? Come on.

Ragu: Yeah sorry, *laughing* so what are the pros and cons of streaming.


Johnny: The pros are just seeing people enjoy themselves. Seeing people genuinely enjoy watching me and my friends play video games is weird, but like it's also really nice, because people say a lot of nice stuff. And you wouldn't think this but I've gotten more than a fair share of messages saying hey I've gone through a really bad time and your videos help, or more than one message about being nearly suicidal but watching hours of your videos helped me stick around. That was, that was crazy. Yeah, stuff like that is really touching to me. And the charity stuff as grooling as it is to try and entertain for 24 hours, it's really nice environment during that time. The lows... are just annoying people. *laughs* Sometimes people have no filter, don't know when not to say something, or don't know how to not be an asshole. *laughs* But even then they usually go away or get yelled at by me. I don't like yelling at people.

Ragu: You don't really yell at people. You type in the chat, stop pls thanks.

Johnny: I try! I don't wanna embarrass them on video, but if they keep going I'm gonna yell at them. But I try to be as positive as possible.

Ragu: Right.

Ragu: So what sets you apart from other YouTubers and streamers.

Johnny: That's a tough question, because we're not unique, but in our realm wrestling genre of the video games we're different. Everyone else has a set way of doing things more professionally, and that's cool, but we're just friends playing video games.

Ragu: *singing* Friends playing games playing friends playing games.

Johnny: Yeah, that's all we do. Sometimes we do some stuff that is kinda professional but then it's like oh, this is just shtick and they're trying to be professional but it's actually funny. Yeah.

Ragu: So if there was a genre for streamers, would you consider nL to be in a comedy genre?

Johnny: Yeah I think so. If that's the only option. I think it would definitley go under comedy or like yeah. I can't think of anything else it would be.

Ragu: *laughing* Right!

Johnny: I mean wrestling is a sport so it'd go under sports!


Ragu: But streaming's not a sport!

Johnny: That's true but I'm playin' a sports game!

*more laughing*

Ragu: Do you guys have social media?

Johnny: We have Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook Instagram, we have, we also have an app for Android, google chrome extension, and other things. We tweeted out earlier asking people about some good horror games...

Ragu: Oh my god!

Johnny: I wanna play some spooky games.

Ragu: Ask me! Seriously?!

Johnny: Uh, I didn't know where you were.


Ragu: Man...

Johnny: You can watch it.

Ragu: I know I can watch it, but you know horror games that's my shit, man.

*more laughing*

Ragu: And I don't follow you on anything barely.

Johnny: *laughing* There's so many things people can follow us on yet people don't know when we stream. I'm like how?! I tell everyone! I even upload to YouTube.

Ragu: I don't get notifications. *laughing* But enough about me.

Johnny: OH!

Ragu: If you had to give advice to other streamers, what would you say?

Johnny: I've gotten this question a few times. I'd say if you want to be a streamer, have fun. Some people don't have fun. Some people just make the money and that's fine, but you gotta be personable. You gotta be able to talk to your people. Use social media, but don't be annoying. Just have fun, if you're not having fun, then the people watching aren't going to have fun. That's really just it. Have fun and try to stay positive. The internet is a rough place.

Ragu: They need a personality.

Johnny: Right! A personality. Popular streamers are either funny, or they're really good at a game, or they're really good with interacting with the people... or all 3! I'm none of those.


Johnny: How we have anything is amazing!

Ragu: Last question. When do you think you'll stop streaming?

Johnny: The only time I ever thought, hey I would have to stop this, is if I actually uh, go about being a wrestler..

Ragu: Ah, man. That would be a whole other interview.

*more laughing*

Johnny: Yeah that'll be the next interview. Hopefully that's not long.

Ragu: Well, if it's it the next month that's when my next paper is so...

Johnny: Yeah I'll see what I can do.

Ragu: Become a wrestler in like 3 weeks.

Johnny: Ye ye ye, I'll do it!

Ragu: Yay!

Johnny: Yeah!

Ragu: Interview!

Johnny: Woo!


Ragu asked: "What is your favorite memory of nL?"

LT: "I don't think I can pick just one favourite memory. Big Show glitching into the crowd and taking his sweet time getting back is a high point of comedy. We did a new year stream one year and just played WWE all night for hours on end and I don't think I'd ever laughed so hard. I think, more than a memory, my favourite thing about nL is how it started as a guy trying to cheer up his friend, then within hours became four guys trying to make one another laugh by being silly and stupid and now here we are, seven years later, with thousands of loyal, wonderful fans who love all the silly stuff we do. Every time I see someone say that their day has been brightened by nL or that nL has helped them through tough times just by being a bunch of silly people, it warms my heart. To know our group has that kind of impact on people is incredible and so humbling. All this not mentioning how many wonderful friends I've made from being in nL- duel I already knew but Jericho, Htial, Sprite, Caveman, Dino, Ragu, Homer, plus the other originals Johnny, Slip and Blake (and everyone I've missed out). They're all family to me."

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