Team HartBunEdit

After the break up of Team HartBurn Bret Hart has been on a long search for his next tag partner. On the nL Money in the Bank PPV event Bret Hart unveiled his new tag partner King Kong Bundy to form the team "HartBun". Bret Hart was supporting his new Shitty gimmick the "Shitman" in which during his entrances he gives his shitty glasses to a Little Shit and King Kong Bundy on the other hand is a bodyslam machine.


At the Money in the Bank PPV Owner Sin Cara made Jack Swagger defend his World Championship on the Pre Show in which if he gets pinned by either Hart or Bundy one of those two men will be the new World Champion or if his tag partner Pap E. Shango pins either Hart or Bundy he will be the new World Champion. The reasoning behind this match was because Sin Cara was enraged with Jack Swagger for renaming DA BIG GOLD to THE BIG AMERICA. During the match Bundy dished out many many bodyslams to both Swagger and Shango. Hart took advantage and took the pinfall thus renameing it to THE BIG SHITTY CANADA .