The Chat's New Waifu Tournament was a tournament that occured om January 2nd, 2019. This was a single elimination tournament in Fire Pro Wrestling World to determine who the chat's new waifu would be, and who Johnny would submit to ILikeJason's Waifu Wars.


  First round Second round Semifinals Finals
1  AJ Styles    
16  Mr. Bob Backlund    
     AJ Styles    
     Jesse James    
8  Jesse James  
9  Repo Man    
     AJ Styles    
     Johnny Gargano    
5  Brian Cage    
12  A BEAR    
     A BEAR  
     Johnny Gargano    
4  Johnny Gargano  
13  X-Pac    
     Johnny Gargano  
     Mick Foley  
6  El Desperado    
11  Alberto el Patron    
     El Desperado  
     Mick Foley    
3  Mick Foley  
14  Little Guido    
     Mick Foley  
7  Neville    
10  The Total Package    
     Ahmed Johnson    
2  Faarooq  
15  Ahmed Johnson    

Written ResultsEdit

# Match Notes
Round 1
1 AJ Styles def. Mr. Bob Backlund Styles pinned Backlund via Styles Clash
2 Jesse James def. Repo Man

James pined Repo Man via superplex

This match initially went to a draw

The Blue Meanie interfered in the first match in favor of Jesse James

The Big Boss Man interfered in the second match in favor of Repo Man

3 A BEAR def. Brian Cage A BEAR pinned Cage via BEAR BOMB
4 Johnny Gargano def. X Pac
5 El Desperado def. Alberto el Patron Desperado pinned el Patron via diving body press
6 Mick Foley def. Little Guido

Foley submit Guido via Mandible Claw

Mark Henry interfered in favor of Mick Foley

7 Neville def. The Total Package Neville pinned TTP via Black Arrow
8 Ahmed Johnson def. Faarooq Johnson pinned Faarooq via Pearl River Plunge
Round 2
9 AJ Styles def. Jesse James Styled pinned James via the Styles Clash
10 Johnny Gargano def. A BEAR Gargano pinned A BEAR via Falcon Arrow Crush
11 Mick Foley def. El Desperado Foley pinned Desperado via powerbomb
12 Neville def. Ahmed Johnson Neville pinned Johnson via Black Arrow
13 Johnny Gargano def. AJ Styles Gargano pinned Styles via diving splash
14 Mick Foley def. Neville Foley pinned Neville via powerbomb
15 Johnny Gargano def. Mick Foley Gargano pinned Foley via schoolboy to be crowned the chat's waifu