WHY GOLDBERG?!?! was an TNA Pay-Per-View event that took place on "December 22nd (TWENTY TWO!?!?), 2013 on EWR. Creed opened the show performing live for the audience.

No. Results Stipulation Notes
Pre-Show Enzo Amore def. El Dandy, Manik, and Tatanka (c) Fatal 4 Way for the X Division Championship
1 New Steiner Bros. (Scott Steiner and Joseph Park) def. JTT and Mini Kenzo Suzuki, Samoa Explains it all (Samoa Jo and Jay Lethal), and Cumstains on Societ (Austin Aries and Steve Blackman) Fatal 4 Way TLC match for the #1 Contendership for the TNA World Tag Team Match
2 "The Beast" Dan Severn def. Sonjay Dutt (c) Hell in a Cell match for the Mini Title Championship
3 Sea Breeze (Tyler Breeze and Fishman) (c) def. Peckah Juiced (ThRob Terry and NOOOORV!) TNA World Tag Team Championship
  • In typical TNA fashion, the opening contest was ignored
4 New Jack def. DOINK THE CLOWN DAMMIT!, Stang, and Bob Backlund Fatal 4 Way for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
  • Mike Adamle interfered on behalf of New Jack, joining his cabinet
  • After the match, New Jack was attacked by stalker Dan Severn
5 Lei'd Tapa def. Zach Gowan High Incident match
  • Prior to the match, Lei'd Tapa assaulted Zach Gowan, who needed to be treated by paramedics but came back for this match
6 Dino Winwood def. New Jack (c) and Dan Severn Three Way Steel Cage match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
  • The match was originally a Inferno Match between Dan Severn and New Jack but Vince Russo re-booked the match before it began. Dino won the match by pretending to punch New Jack in the face and climbing out the cage.