The nL WWE 2K16 Universe Mode draft was uploaded on Nov 1, 2015. Here are the draft picks in the correct order:

SmackDown First Pick - Honky Tonkman

Raw First Pick - "Dunn Dunn" Baron Corbin

SmackDown Second Pick - "Very Manly" Simon Gotch

Raw Second Pick - "The Ultimate Fighter Brazil" Natalya

SmackDown Third Pick - "Jibbel" JBL

Raw Third Pick - "Peanut" Andre the New York Giant

SmackDown Fourth Pick - "Blue Dot" Christian

Raw Fourth Pick - "The Puerto Rican Sensation" Savio Vega

SmackDown Fifth Pick - Haku

Raw Fifth Pick - "Bang Bang" Cactus Jack

SmackDown Sixth Pick - "Silver Hair" Ric Flair

Raw Sixth Pick - Damien "Used to be Sandow" Mizdow

SmackDown Seventh Pick - "Not this Jericho" Chris Jericho

Raw Seventh Pick - Dude Love

SmackDown Eighth Pick - "Dick" Randy Orton

Raw Eighth Pick - Kofi Kingston

SmackDown Ninth Pick - Arnold T2

Raw Ninth Pick - "Greatest Titantron Ever" Erick Rowan

SmackDown Tenth Pick - "Very Over" Cesaro

Raw Tenth Pick - "Have a Foxy Holiday" Alicia Fox

SmackDown Eleventh Pick - "The Man" Sting 99'

Raw Eleventh Pick - X-Pac

SmackDown Twelfth Pick - "Hot Hot" Ravishing Rick Rude

Raw Twelfth Pick - "Batist" Batista

SmackDown Thirteenth Pick - "F" Jimmy Uso

Raw Thirteenth Pick - "The One in 26" Billy Gunn

SmackDown Fourteenth Pick - "SmackDown Beef" The Big Paul

Raw Fourteenth Pick - "HULLO" Tyler Breeze

SmackDown Fifteenth Pick - "Bweak Owbit" Neville

Raw Fifteenth Pick - Stephanie McMahon

SmackDown Sixteenth Pick - "The Wolves" Finn and Balor

Raw Sixteenth Pick - "Please Check Out More of my Titantrons" Bo Dallas

SmackDown Seventeenth Pick - Layla

Raw Seventeenth Pick - "Titty Cannon 2.0" Curtis Axel

SmackDown Eighteenth Pick - "Illuminati" Viktor

Raw Eighteenth Pick - "Fast 9" The Rawk

SmackDown Nineteenth Pick - "Girl Buy Some Crackers" Cameron

Raw Nineteenth Pick - "Macho Man" Randy Savage

SmackDown Twentieth Pick - "Chody Rhodes's Cum" StarDust

Raw Twentieth Pick - "UGGGGGHHHHH" Triple H

SmackDown Twenty First Pick - "Big Meme John" John Cena

Raw Twenty First Pick - "Manliest" Lex Luger

SmackDown Twenty Second Pick - "Big D" Kevin Nash

Raw Twenty Second Pick - "Bad News" King Barrett