WWE Tag Team Championship
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The WWE Tag Team Championship

Current champion(s)

It Doesn't Matter What Their Name Is (The Rock and Big Show)

Date won

August 15, 2014


nL's WWE

Date established

November 30th, 2013

Most reigns

Everyone has one reign unless Jinder’s continuous reign is split into three parts

First champion(s)

The Bollywood Blondes (Jack Swagger and Jinder Mahal)

Longest reign

Jinder Mahal (121 days by himself, 233 altogether)

Shortest reign

Hulk Hogan and CM Punk (a few minutes)

The WWE Tag Team Championship is a professional wrestling championship in the WWE.


At Wrestlemania XXX, The Bollywood Blondes, Jinder Mahal and Jack Swagger, defeated The New Nexus, CM Punk and David Otunga, in the pre-show. Although not initially advertised as such, the match was for the WWE Tag Team Championships, mostly because the only other tag match on the show was a #1 contender's match, which was won by The Band.

The following month at Extreme Rules, The Bollywood Blondes defended their titles against The Band, Drew McIntyre and Scott Hall. During the match Drew McIntyre and Jack Swagger turned on their respective partners, leaving them to form their own team. Jinder managed to retain the titles on hs own, becoming the sole owner of the tag titles at the same time. Jinder would keep the name "The Bollywood Blonde", despite him not being Blonde, or being from Bollywood (Jinder is Canadian).

Jinder would soon begin a quest to find himself a new tag team partner, causing the Payback PPV to be held up since he had to defend his title against the Bro-ManChus. After months of searching, he found the perfect tag team partner, Syxx, leading to the creation of One Night in Bollywood. On the third day of Payback, Jinder and Syxx defeated Yokozuna and Roman Reigns (filling in for Cody Rhodes) to retain the tag titles. At Money in the Bank, Syxx would prove himself worthy of being the co-holder of the tag team championship as he successfully defended the title against Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes and Kevin Nash in a four man extreme rules match.

Success soon started going to Jinder's head, who began acting like a big shot, dressing fancily, and wearing a turban made of money. This would lead to the downfall of Jinder's reign, as D-Generation Mex (Shawn Michaels and Alberto Del Rio) defeated One Night in Bollywood in a ladder match at Battleground to become the new champions, ending Jinder's reign and undefeated streak.

List of ChampionsEdit

# Wrestler Times Length (Days) Event Notes

The Bollywood Blondes
(Jinder Mahal & Jack Swagger)

1 50 Wrestlemania XXX
- Jinder Mahal 1


Extreme Rules
  • Jack Swagger left the Bollywood Blondes, but Jinder retained without him, making him the sole champion
  • This is a continuation of his previous reign
  • Later had found Syxx-Pac to fill in as a partner
- One Night in Bollywood
(Jinder Mahal & Syxx)
1 62 Payback
  • Jinder found Syxx-Pac to fill in for a missing partner
2 D-Generation Mex
(Shawn Michaels & Alberto Del Rio)
1 27 Battleground
  • This was a TLC Match
3 24 Inch Pipebombs (Hulk Hogan and Cm Punk) 1 >1 SummerSlam
  • This was an elimination tag match
4 It Doesn't Matter What Their Name Is (The Rock and Big Show) 1 0+ SummerSlam
  • This was a table match
  • It Doesn't Matter What Their Name Is cashed in their tag team Money in the Bank Briefcases